Something is lurking in our Inlet waters!!!!   Jessica’s Fishing Report

Something is lurking in our Inlet waters!!!! Jessica’s Fishing Report

Have you seen it? Sightings have been coming in from Mt. Gilead and all along the canals in Murrells Inlet. Is it a Sailfish? No, a Dolphin? NO!!!… its a SHARK!!! Right after our last big storm the end of May, it has been spotted by a lot of different people. It seems like it has found a great place to munch on a lot of mullet and it is sticking around. So keep your eyes open! Speaking of Sharks…. You are not allowed to target sharks when fishing off the pier, but be warned, they are swarming around. If you want to fish for sharks, it is legal in Georgetown County ( 2 blocks south of Garden City Pier). Reports of 5 to 6 ft. Spinners, Black Tips, and Atlantic Sharpnose have been caught. A young man caught a good sized Hammerhead this week with Perry’s shrimp. If shark fishing is not on your radar, here is what is happening in this weeks Fishing Report: The Pier– We have had a lot of Whiting after the rain, random Founder, Croakers, Weakfish,  Blues, and Spanish. The Inlet– Some Flounder on the falling tide, but the vast majority are being caught on the rising tide. A 4 pounder came in yesterday.  Also reports of  Red Drum within and slightly above slot limit on the north end of Garden City Canal as well as the causeway at GC.  Also some reports of Black Drum in deeper holes and Blues and Whiting out near the mouth of the Inlet. Surf Fishing– Good reports of Pompano, Blues, and Whiting mainly and some Weakfish and Speckled Trout mixed in with best reports coming from The South end of Georgetown County, in and around the sea walls, and the length of Huntington Beach State Park., as well as the stretch from Surfside Pier to Springmaid Pier: Veteran Pier– Random Black Drum, Flounder, Croakers, Pinfish, Skates. The Jetties– Producing  some Sheepshead caught with fiddler crabs and live sand fleas and even dead shrimp by surprise. As far as the closer offshore reefs, larger Gulf Flounder being caught at 3 mile along with Cobia and Weakfish,  Spanish some days, other days trolling south of the 1 mile bouy has been effective. Kings starting to push out a little deeper from Belkie Bear with red skirts and live bait rigs working best at the moment.  Spade Fish at 10 Mile.  Squid can be used in lieu of jelly balls.  Parking Lot and Bill Perry would be a good starting point for Mahi. Remember, you can access Perry’s by water -pull right up to the dock! Would love to hear some of your fishing tales,...

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She’s Got Guns!!!!  Get your body ready to hunt

She’s Got Guns!!!! Get your body ready to hunt

One of my friends said to me recently, “you just sit in a tree stand, right?” meaning that she did not think there is much physical demand to hunting. She got me started! “NO, I said… there is so much more to it.”   Let me explain. …  Sitting in the stand  if you are hunting deer or hogs or sitting in a ground blind if you are hunting turkeys is just one small aspect of hunting. Unless you are paying for a guided hunt where they drop you off at the stand or blind, you will have some walking to do.   If you are  hunting on private land, you may find yourself walking at least a half mile to get to your stand.  You will  need to park your truck a good distance away as a vehicle may signal that there is something out of place in their environment and will scare off your game. You are walking with boots, heavy backpack, and your gun so you are carrying a pretty heavy load.  If you are in a tree stand, you need to navigate the steps with great agility and position yourself where you make as little noise and movement as possible.  Sometimes you are in the stand for 4-5  hours so it takes a lot of stamina. If you are running and gunning as in turkey hunting, you may find yourself sitting motionless up against a tree for hours and then walking miles upon miles to get to where the Toms are located. Dove and Duck hunting calls for repetitive shooting so you will be lifting up your shotgun to aim at the birds and after awhile, your arms can get fatigued and shoulders sore from the recoil. So,  hunting does require some physical fitness!   I am obsessed with Pop Sugar especially the 8 minute VS workout for toned arms.   They have short but effective workout for every part of your body.   Hunting is an excellent way to stay in shape while enjoying the outdoors and the many rewards of the sport. Share this:FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogleRedditLike this:Like...

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The Bearded Lady

The Bearded Lady

Going Home… Turkey hunting season had been over in SC for almost a month, but not in PA where the season ended on May 31st. I planned to visit my family Memorial Day Weekend in northeastern Pa and of course, to hunt turkeys. I was born and  grew up in Pa, but have resided in SC for most of my life.   Since I did not take a bird this year in SC, I was eager to have a successful hunt. I took care of getting my Non- Resident PA Spring Turkey License and was intently looking forward to hunting turkeys on the family farm. With a very limited hunting time available and a whole lot of family gatherings, I had to make the most of it. The Hunt My husband was not hunting, but I was happy for him to come along with me.    We set up in the blind at 4:30 am and quietly waited for the woods to awaken with sounds of birds singing around us. As light broke, we were excited to see wildlife including a beautiful deer and a very aggressive coyote working the field. It’s coloration blended in with the landscape and it was on the hunt for a meal. It provided us with some great entertainment, but I knew that a coyote would not be good for a hunt as he would scare off the turkeys. “I laughed to myself wondering if my turkey calling would have a southern accent!’ One distinct difference in PA is that all bearded birds are legal to hunt in the Spring, unlike SC where it is not legal to shoot bearded females. For those of you who are not familiar, yes about 10 % of female turkeys have beards. Quite often hunters take bearded hens thinking it was a Tom based on the fact that it has a beard.I was so happy to finally see 3 birds about 200 yards away. I laughed to myself wondering if my turkey calling would have a southern accent! The biggest bird had a 4+ inch beard and as it got closer, I could see it was a bearded hen. Because of my time constraints, I made a decision that I would not hold out for a big Tom.  For today, it was about the harvest.   I took the bird and my hunt was over. Now, I was determined to prepare the turkey for traditional roasting so I picked the feathers and cleaned the bird so that there would be no waste. Many hunters only harvest the breast meat, but that was never an option for me. Preparing...

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