Giants Among Turkeys!

Giants Among Turkeys!

When I joined the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association by the urging of writers, Dr. Bobby Dale and Jim Casada,  I had no idea I would be in such incredible company.  If being a career Emergency Medicine physician isn’t enough, Dr. Dale of Tupelo, MS shares his passion for turkey hunting by writing books about adventures he and his colorful and famous cohorts have enjoyed over the years.   I am so tickled to add Turkey Roost Tales, Bearded Rednecks, and his very special children’s book, Rainbow to my library.  Dr. Dale’s hunting tales confirm that being a  turkey hunter puts you in a club that is distinguished from all others.  It’s that immediate smile you get when you say “turkey hunting” and you know right then the person you are speaking with is in the club.      Rainbow will touch your heart.  It has a special message not only for your special youngster but for you as well.  Nature belongs to everyone and the “main character” will make you feel like a child again. Check out dg book sale to find out more about these wonderful books and Dr. Dale will be happy to inscribe them for you. Dr. Bobby Dale, SEOPA’s first vice president, read my article that appeared in Sporting Classics Daily and asked Jim Casada to contact me to encourage me to be a part of this outdoor communications organization.  Jim has been my sponsor and my mentor and I could not feel more privileged to be associated with these amazing writers.  Quite frankly, it is a bit intimidating to have these talented writers read my articles and blog posts!  I humbly admit, I write for fun and my writing skills are not on their level or even close! Jim Casada is a retired history professor from Winthrop University and a widely published outdoor writer with over 40 books and over 5000 magazine articles published.  Currently the Editor at Large for Sporting Classics,  he has earned more than 150 excellence-in-craft honors for his writings.  I first learned of Jim Casada several years ago,  when my husband and I received a book gift,  America’s Greatest Game Bird by Archibald Rutledge- edited by Jim Casada.  Written in the first half of the 20th century, Rutledge’s stories about turkey hunting are timeless and capture the spirit of why the turkey is truly the greatest game bird.   Jim Casada masterfully assembled what is called the Rutledge Quintet a collection of books with Rutledge’s tales of his love for  hunting and the outdoors.    To get more information on these books, visit Jim Casada Outdoors where there is a virtual library of some of the best outdoor...

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