Finding my Passion for Fishing

Finding my Passion for Fishing

I have been around fishing most of my life. Growing up on a farm offered a perfect opportunity to play along the banks of the pond that my dad carved out of the landscape. Inspired by clean, fresh springs, he worked for years with his bulldozer to create that pond, which would hold memories for all of us for years to come. He created a little island in the pond, not perfectly centered, but a spot that made our imaginations run wild. We would paddle over to the island in our small boat and set up camp, but mostly opted not to spend the night after the skies turned dark and the sounds of nature seemed a little too close for comfort. We caught plenty of bass and brim, and often spotted bullfrogs, snapping turtles, lots of snakes, and occasional visitors such as geese and ducks. Many years later, I look out over the most beautiful waters one could imagine: Murrells Inlet! My husband and I have been blessed to live here almost a decade. Since we have a dock and a 15-foot Whaler—which happens to be the perfect size boat to fish the inlet—you would think that we would be out on the water all the time and would be excellent anglers. But I have to confess it is quite the contrary. Don’t misunderstand. We have had some exciting times. We especially love to fish the jetties for red drum and have taken some beauties there. The excitement and adrenaline rush fishing in the rough waters is what we enjoy most. Realizing that this was not the safest thing to do (we frequently saw the remains of wrecked boats smashed on the jetties), we decided to try flounder fishing, which we could enjoy in calmer waters. We found flounder fishing to be a bit boring, but not because we were so good at it. Without a doubt, we have not had very much luck fishing for flounder. So, I ask myself: What can I do to make fishing more enjoyable? I know what some of you are thinking . . . I would rather be hunting, right? Truthfully, the answer is yes. Fishing will never take the place of my passion for hunting. But hunting season is over now, with the exception of predator hunting, so it is only natural that I would turn my attention to fishing, a wonderful outdoor sport that is right at my backdoor! My husband is an experienced off-shore fisherman and has enjoyed many wonderful fishing outings throughout his life. He has tried to get me more excited about it by taking me...

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