IMPACT!!!!!!! A Horrific Fall From a Deer Stand!

IMPACT!!!!!!! A Horrific Fall From a Deer Stand!

Falling from a deer stand is the last thing that seasoned hunter Tommy Brown had on his mind that crisp fall morning in 2005. Living in South Carolina his entire life, hunting came as naturally to him as eating grits with shrimp. Tommy has always been drawn to the land, and working as an appraiser has been the perfect career fit for him. Anyone who knows Tommy will immediately tell you that he is a true outdoorsman. He named his only son Woods. As far as Tommy was concerned, there was no name better suited for a son. I’ve known Tommy for more than 30 years, but until the day I wrote this article, I never knew he is a Vietnam combat veteran. That’s Tommy Brown. Being a warrior didn’t define him, and he found no reason to bring it up. His easygoing style is only upstaged by his happy, charming personality and contagious smile. In a few months, Tommy was looking forward to celebrating his first anniversary with his soul mate, Carman Stone Brown, a beautiful young lady. Most people don’t get second chances at love, but this was a romance that was undeniable. My husband had hunted with Tommy many times over the years, mostly for ducks and doves. But this year, it was all about hunting for legendary whitetails during firearms season in Brown County, Illinois, where Tommy was to experience, for the first time, hunting monster bucks quite unlike the comparatively diminutive whitetails we see in South Carolina. Yeah, Brown County . . . the fact that Tommy’s last name is Brown made his eyes twinkle a bit more, as if he needed any extra twinkle that day! Climbing up those frosty rungs into the deer blind was a thrill that Tommy had anticipated for months, and he felt blessed as the night sky, filled with bright stars, morphed into early light. He thanked God for this amazing creation, and relished the time to sit quietly and take in the beauty before him. That single morning Tommy saw more bucks than he had seen in several seasons at home in South Carolina. As the hours passed, he soaked up the sights and sounds around him, not wanting to miss a thing. A flock of turkeys kept him entertained as they pecked their way through the food plot, and his excitement intensified when a doe ran out under his stand as a huge buck with a broken rack that looked more like a mule erupted from the woods in an unwieldy chase after her. The buck was in heavy pursuit, nostrils flaring, tongue hanging, and set...

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