Ahhhh! Dove Season Opening Day!

Summer gives way to September and it has been months since you last picked up your gun. The tinge of excitement is in the air with opening day upon us. You gather up all your gear with great anticipation.  A slight sample of Autumn with it beautiful leaves and a crisp morning tease you, only to succumb to the familiar heat that overtakes those sweet but elusive breezes. But it is opening day and there is so much to be thankful for.  Combine that with football and it doesn’t get much better!

Dove hunting has always been very special for me as it is a time to hang out with our couple friends who hunt together.  For  the past several years we have been members of Honey Camp Dove Club and it is so exciting to see everyone on opening day! There is always an amazing opening day luncheon as everyone gathers to catch up with each other.  As we go around the group and introduce ourselves to new members, there is always a good laugh as the typical characters hold court.

Dale & Skip

Dale and Skip

Last year, the entire region got hit with tropical storms and of course, Hurricane Matthew.  It was a very tough year for dove hunting and we are praying for a successful year.  Our Landowner/Club organizer, Dale Shelley along with his amazing right arm/retriever,  Skip, have been working hard getting everything ready.  There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into preparing a dove field and no one does it with more zest, know how, and darn right determination, than Dale!  “I’m glad to say we have an abundance of sunflowers , corn, and even a couple strips of Brown Top Millet. I did have to replant about 5 acres of sunflowers due to the 5 inches of rain that fell three days after it was planted… but after all was said and done, we have more sunflowers than a show dog can jump over”, Dale reported.

When I first started hunting doves my main concern was mistaking a tweety bird for a dove. But after a while, I was able to detect a dove easily with their amazing acrobatics.  I still am awed at how they dive, corkscrew, and easily confuse us shooters.  This year, I am hoping that I will have the best year yet! I have worked on my skills by getting out and shooting clays whenever I can.  My number one priority is always to have a safe hunt and not shooting low birds is imperative for all hunters!


Besides safety, I am going to focus on staying hydrated and enjoying every minute of being out in the field. This year, we will be using our hunting cart, so it will be so much easier to get to our “stands” and carrying the gear across the hot field will be just a memory.  I will report back and let you know if I successfully limit out on opening day.  Good luck everyone!!

dove hunting photo

Maggie Boineau Prois Hunt Staff

Author: maggie

Hi there! I’m a real estate agent by day, an avid hunter on the weekends, and this is my blog. I live in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina have a wonderful husband and fellow hunter, whose name is Trippett. My passion for hunting is rooted in growing up in a hunting family. I loved everything about hunting and was always fascinated with guns and archery.

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  1. Going to be nice weather opening day. Excited.

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  2. Have a great day, Maggie! Really enjoyed the article. We don’t have a dove season in Jersey, although we have good numbers of doves. Your deer opener in SC is amazingly early! SC is one of very few states that compete with Jersey for the most liberal deer seasons. We have opening day of Canada Goose Season on Sep 1st … I am just hoping our old dog has a fun day. Good luck to all of you! — Ralph & Debby

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    • Hi Ralph & Debby! Yes, it has felt like forever for hunting season to come back around and this weekend we have two opens!! It is typically very hot to deer hunt, but can’t miss opening day! I love to hunt when it gets cooler. Enjoy goose season!! Let me know what is new at WeatherWool!!!!!

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  3. Enjoy! I got to try it last year in Texas but it was so dry (what a difference a year makes) there were few doves. I’m going to try again one of these days. We can’t hunt them here…yet.

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    • that is crazy because we got washed out here in SC last year. the sunflowers were knocked down with a bad tropical storm and then we had Hurricane Matthew. it is one of my favorite hunts!

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