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Backwoods Quail Club – Georgetown, SC   Female Friendly Hunting Destination


Backwoods!  It has it all- What a fantastic place to go to experience so many different hunting opportunities from quail, turkey, deer, as well as  a European pheasant tower shoot  ( I did not know what one was either until I asked- click on the Backwoods link to learn more).    Clay target shooting is a big favorite with user friendly automated courses.    Events and activities are always available to both members and non members.  My husband and I love going there for an afternoon and I  have taken lessons from George shooting clay targets.   He is a patient man!!   We also have been  quail hunting and totally enjoyed watching the short hair pointers work the quail.  We recently stopped  back in to check out the lodging facilities and they look great,  We are  looking forward to booking the “Little House”  for a deer hunt this year.  If you just want to get out and use the rifle and pistol range,  they are open year round.  This is a fantastic female friendly shooting and hunting destination with a professional staff eager to make you feel welcome.

Author: maggie

Hi there! I’m a real estate agent by day, an avid hunter on the weekends, and this is my blog. I live in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina have a wonderful husband and fellow hunter, whose name is Trippett. My passion for hunting is rooted in growing up in a hunting family. I loved everything about hunting and was always fascinated with guns and archery.

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