Bear Tracks in Plantersville

Bear Tracks in Plantersville


The thought of coming up on a bear while hunting deer is not a pleasant thought, especially one this size.  It gets even more troublesome with the camera shots as now there is evidence she has a cub. This duo has been tearing up the feeders and knocking them over.  The camera records them various times in the early morning and late evening.  We have been invited guests on this track in Plantersville and so far have not come upon the bear while hunting.   So,  are black bears something to worry about?  Upon some research,  It appears that there are no recorded attacks on humans by a black bear in South Carolina.  This is a good article from  if you want to do some of your own research.  Personally,  I won’t assume anything.  Wild animals especially those who have young are unpredictable and I will continue to be cautious when walking to and from my deer stand.  Unless he is carrying a picnic basket, I will be on high alert!bears

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