The Matthew Bellamy Project… A Tragedy leads to this Amazing Cause

Gun Safety is above all, the most important aspect of owning a gun, especially when it comes to protecting our children. I would love to share this cause with my fellow gun owners. This very worthwhile project promotes gun safety through education and offers many other events to bring the Bellamy Family’s message of gun accident prevention  to as many people as possible. Please take a minute to visit this web site and please get involved.   TheMatthewBellamyProject (MBP) is a gun safety organization committed to preventing unintentional firearm deaths by providing free gun locks and firearm safety classes. Our Mission Our family owns guns and respects the rights of others to do so. However, in spite of the fact that we keep our guns locked in a safe where children cannot access them, we lost a child due to an unsecured gun. Out of our heartache, we share our story: Encouraging adults to be responsible for the proper unloading and storage of firearms. Encouraging adults to educate children about gun safety and the proper handling of firearms. Urging parents to ask: “Are there unsecured firearms where my children play”? Share this:FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogleRedditLike this:Like...

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Gun Safety-  What’s Wrong with this Photo??

Gun Safety- What’s Wrong with this Photo??

Without doubt, gun safety is always the priority when handling guns.  The basics never change and need to be reinforced constantly:  A gun safety course should be taken before handling a gun.  Every gun should be treated as if it were loaded.  Your gun should be pointed in a safe direction at all times. Do not take your gun off safety until you are ready to shoot.  Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.  Store your firearm so that children cannot access it. Never shoot at water or a hard surface as the shot can be deflected in various directions. Be knowledgeable about your firearm safety features but remember they do not substitute safe handling on your part. Properly  clean and maintain your firearm Use the proper ammunition. Never climb a tree stand, fence or obstruction with a loaded firearm Avoid alcohol or medications that may impair you while handling a firearm. Never transport a loaded gun. I recommend getting used to your gun by practicing with it without it being loaded – by that, I mean get to know your gun.  I practiced drawing my handgun from my holster many many times unloaded and used a post it note for my target. The muscle memory from this exercise will enable you to feel comfortable when you use it at the shooting range. Share this:FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogleRedditLike this:Like...

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