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Opening Day of Dove Season could not have been any better at Honey Camp Dove Club.  We are first year members and we were welcomed graciously by this amazing group.  Being the first “full fledgHC feast

ed female member” I was truly excited to be a part of this group.  There have been many females who have hunted as guests there, so the group was very happy to have me join in as these women have proved to be on their game!  After a blessing for the hunt and for the beautiful feast prepared by Dale Shelley, we took to our stands.  I did not by any stretch of the imagination limit, but I did not get skunked either.  I took home 4 birds and I was happy with that.  It was my first hunt with my new 12 gauge Benelli ultra lightweight and I was on a bit of a learning curve there for sure!  What a great time we had and Trippett did great taking home 10 birds.  Can’t wait until next week!

Author: maggie

Hi there! I’m a real estate agent by day, an avid hunter on the weekends, and this is my blog. I live in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina have a wonderful husband and fellow hunter, whose name is Trippett. My passion for hunting is rooted in growing up in a hunting family. I loved everything about hunting and was always fascinated with guns and archery.

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  1. Great Blog! You are making it fun and trendy for women to take a interest in hunting and harvesting the gifts that nature has given us. The men are going to love this too because we all want our wifes and girlfriends to enjoy and participate in activities that we love to do. After all …..everything is more fun when you have someone special to share it with. Keep up the good work….your blogs are going to make a big difference in the lifes of those who love the great outdoors.

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    • Thank you so much for your nice comments! Camo365girl

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