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The mission behind Camo365 is to bring attention to the many reasons to protect our 2nd Amendment. While we in the hunting world all know, our 2nd Amendment rights don’t have anything to do with hunting, it is a topic that bonds us together.  Our Founders did not have grocery stores so hunting was their way of life. It was written so that citizens could protect themselves and their property.  Hunting is something that a lot of people want to protect for our future generations.  Through my blog,  I would like to encourage more women and men to discover the importance of protecting gun ownership and discourage more gun regulations.

Along with writing my blog, I am planning on wearing  something camo every day for 365 consecutive days. Yes, 365 days of camo!!! Whether it is a hunting outfit during hunting season, a pair of camo shoes, a scarf, camo dress, camo boots, sunglasses, tote, or even a pair of flip flops,  I will show my camo colors each day to make a statement that our second amendment is a right that we cannot afford to lose. It will be fun and challenging to make this happen 365 days in a row, but I am up to the challenge! I welcome everyone to join me in this challenge and wear a touch of camo as often as possible.  Launch Day is September 5, 2015- The first day of dove season in SC!

I believe that by publishing a well received blog that features the many exciting aspects of hunting, fishing, and the sport of range shooting and archery, more women will want to join in.   The tradition of hunting is something we can continue to pass down to our children and their children, but only with the help of many. Statistics show that there is a dramatic increase in women hunters. Women have realized that owning a gun gives them an edge in protecting themselves and their numbers will continue to rise.

I hope my hunting blog is my fun way of spreading the word and hope that my experiences are entertaining and inspiring. Anybody at any age, can get started with hunting. Girls, don’t let you husband or boyfriend have all the fun. This is something you can do with them and they will be thrilled as they get to do what they like with your blessing! Share a good story, good laugh, good recipe, or some great photo with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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