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Gary Bolduc, Master Knifemaker

Check out these important tips before buying a custom knife. I found the perfect knife for me!   Thank you, Gary, for the beautiful design and spectacular quality of this knife.  I plan on using it for cleaning small game, but it goes everywhere with me!  I am thrilled!!  Maggie

how to buy a custom knife

I love my new custom knife!

beautiful etching on custom knife

Look at the amazing etching!




10 Tips for Buying your First Custom Knife

  1.  Always get a recommendation from someone you know and trust who has purchased a knife from the knife maker you are considering. Ask them if they were happy with all aspects of the purchase. Did the final product meet or exceed their expectations, or did they experience a disappointment?
  2.   Have a clear vision of how you will use your knife. What is its primary function: big game skinning, small game skinning, filleting,   butchering, kitchen cutlery, or heavy-duty, general purposes?
  3.   Ask yourself how important it would be to pass down this knife as an heirloom piece for someone who would love and appreciate it. Make sure it shows your sense of style. Ask your knife maker for recommendations for design ideas.
  4. Make sure you explore what materials are available for the handle and the blade and how the materials’ cost affects the overall pricing. The knife maker should provide photos of knives made with different materials. Ask yourself if you are more interested in function over beauty or if both are important?
  5. Ask how the length and width of your hand will factor into the design of the knife. Provide as much information as you can so that you will have the best fit possible. Check out resources that show various knife grips. (I will be expanding on knife grips in a later post.)
  6.  Be sure to check on wait times. If you have a specific time frame when you need the knife, make that clear so that you don’t have a miscommunication on your knife’s delivery.
  7.  Give your knifemaker a budget. Don’t get far down the road on design options only to find out that you are out of your price range.
  8.  Ask what options are available for a custom sheath.
  9.  Make sure you ask about deposits and payment schedules for your custom knife.
  10.  Check to see whether your knife maker would be willing to sharpen your knife as needed and what charges this would incur.
proper knife to clean fish

Fillet knife


huntress who loves knives

Angie Kokes, Pro Staff Bolduc Knives owns multiple knives made by Gary

hunters who love knives

Prois Staffers, Nancy and Ruth and their hubby’s Joe and Louis,  highly recommend Gary’s knives!


Gary Bolduc of Bolduc Knives will be making my first custom knife.  He has come highly recommended by many of my hunting friends, and I am so excited to go through this experience of designing a knife that will be a very important part of my hunting life. My knife will serve me well both for function and beauty—I would say I am looking for a good keeper! You can find more information about Gary, master knife maker, at his website, and on his Facebook page: Bolduc Knives



custom knives and sheaths

What’s in your Sheath?