ColsonThere is no computer, no cell phone, no television, or video games. There’s only me and the 2 people that mean the most to me, my father and my son. I can’t think of a sport where you have more quality time than the sport of hunting provides. I believe that hunting is a natural desire that God put in all of us. It is survivalism in its purest form. On this day, it was a clear sky, a slight breeze, and there was plenty of sunshine. We drove the 6 wheeler with a cooler full of icy drinks in the back. Colson, my son, had to sit on my lap against his wishes. He’s getting too old (he’s 9) and way too cool for that….in public at least. We backed into the corn field…literally, we backed over corn stalks to snuggly be hidden from the doves sight. In front of us was a field of dead, black, shriveled sun flowers. In my wonderfully twisted mind, I considered taking family photos there. We got situated with twirling stools, snacks, guns, shotgun shells, sunglasses, hats, and ear plugs. Colson was in front ready to shoot some doves, and me and Daddy were behind him seated comfortably on the “Gator” which is the 6 wheeler. The sun was intense and the sweating began, but Daddy took a deep breath and propped his foot up. I knew he was in his element. He is more relaxed while hunting than any other time. What I love about dove hunting is you don’t have to be quiet. You need to be still, but not quiet. Conversations that you can have while hunting are endless. You have each others undivided attention. It is completely silent and you can talk about anything. I believe all first dates should be spent hunting!

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Hugh. Colson, Lauren

The doves started flying and the shots began. When you see a dove coming into the field you yell “mark”. This is telling everyone in the field with to “mark” the dove and the person sitting closest to it shoots. This is not to be confused with the name “Mark”. There is no one in our dove field named Mark, but if there was, everyone would want to sit with him. Dove hunting is the only hunting that holds my attention for hours. I absolutely love all the action. There is never a dull moment. The excitement and pride is immeasurable when Colson shoots a dove and he puts his gun down to run and get it. I think he more so floats to it. This excitement wont die down for days. He is absolutely ecstatic when he harvests an animal, and I am thankful that I have a 9 year old that feeds our family.

When we got home, we cleaned the doves asked Julia Mae to fry them up. Doves are seasonal, so its definitely a treat to get to eat doves, but getting to eat doves fried by Julia Mae is as close to heaven you will ever get while on earth. Julia Mae is our cook at our family’s business, Deerfield Plantation . She has been with us for over 25 years and is part of our family. As we waited for the doves to fry, we all sat around the tables outside and ate boiled peanuts and talked about the days hunt….more quality time. A family that hunts together, surely does stay together


Colson’s Mom, Lauren