CHILD LEARNING ABOUT TRAIL CAMERAThere is something special about traditions, no matter how insignificant they seem. Every year, I set up a trail camera, inspired by our curiosity surrounding the mysterious little muddy critter footprints on the boat and ramp. Putting up a trail camera has led to so many learning experiences for my grandchildren over the years!

Today, the youngest was laser-focused on how the trail camera works. His eyes were wide with wonder as he watched me operate the camera. He quickly figured out how to open and close the camera and put in the SIM card with great dexterity. I wonder if this little guy will keep memories of this day when he is older.

dock and inlet

On such a delightful spring afternoon in May, nothing special happened as we checked the trail camera. The welcome warmth radiating from the dock and the gentle sounds of the rippling tidal water splashing against the pier made the perfect accompaniment to the peacefulness of the inlet that even an energetic two-and-a-half-year-old couldn’t resist.

Time seemed to pass by slowly as I watched him repeatedly open and close the camera, with renewed gratification each time. I couldn’t help but think about how different it was to be a grandparent than a parent to a small child, with my seemingly infinite patience.

As the afternoon sun creeps across the backyard, I wonder if he will remember the cries of the seagulls soaring above or the hum of the boat in the distance. Will he remember the soft breezes that fill the air with the familiar smell of pluff mud?

Nothing special happened this day. But, the bond we forged with our mutual love for the outdoors and my role as a loving grandmother is essential to me. In my heart, I feel sure that a tradition, even one as small as this, can impact a child significantly. Sometimes a moment in time can last forever.