My Tripod Deer Stand

Just back from an incredible deer hunting weekend in St. George, SC. Although I missed a shot near dark, the entire experience was memorable. I absolutely love the pristine forest, the twinkling stars of the pre-dawn skies and the unimaginable stillness you feel while in your stand. The piercing howls of the owls makes you realize how beautiful nature is and the privilege you have being a part of that.

The weather was amazing as well as the fun stories shared by the hunters, the wonderful food and the hospitality from the whole staff at Deerfield Plantation. My favorite lunch was fried red brim, homemade french fries and rice with red gravy along with a side of frog legs.  It is also great when you  book the weekends where you see hunters you met at last year’s hunt and get to catch up on their lives.  Spending a weekend hunting with your husband is the best!  We love staying in “our little cabin” with all the comforts of home.  So happy that we are going back again in a couple of weeks!  … I can’t wait for my next adventure ….and that’s why they call it hunting!