If you are a girl who has hunted for a good while, you will probably recall having to shop in the boys section in your local  department store to find camo hunting clothes.  Yup… the chubby sizes to be specific to accommodate our more enhanced backends.  Some of us resorted to hand me downs from our husbands, but that was not a good look. Oh, memories of those cargo camo shorts with the big wide legs hanging below my knees making toothpicks out of my legs.  But shopping at trendy stores to get something camo was hitting bottom.

But that has all changed now!  Finally Prois came along and all is right with the world! And, you don’t have to be a hunter to get in on this most exciting line of women’s  hunting and outdoor apparel. The line includes impressive gear and apparel perfect for hiking, fishing, hunting, shooting, or just hanging and looking cool! Jackets, shirts, pants, base clothes, hats, gloves, gear…well, you just need to go check out their web site.

You’ll be “Dressed to Kill”.all females know what this means– its that edge you get when you know you look great.  Peak performance and confidence just happens when you know you look amazing.   Best of all, Prois has become a sisterhood of like-minded strong women bound together by a take- no- prisoners approach to life! Yeah, that’s it… we don’t compromise!

How did this miracle happen?  Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and clearly, Kristie Pike, CEO and Founder of Prois recognized this need.  With the demographics clearing showing a huge upswing in female hunters, Kristie, an avid hunter and her husband, Steve, started Próis in 2008 in her hometown of Gunnison, Colorado and from there, Prois has just exploded on the hunting scene.  They are committed to producing the leading edge of technical hunting and shooting gear for women.  So reward yourself … you deserve it!  As a Prois Hunt -Staff Member, I  proudly wear the Prois label!!

Update!!!  Cumbre is in the house!  Check out the full exciting new line of hunting apparel with gear expressly for women!  


Prois Badge Artwork 2015 LARGE - Full Color-2