One of my husband’s good hunting buddy and friend, Phillip gave me this very sound advice, “Don’t use your scope to locate and identify game.   Invest in a really great pair of binoculars.  I took his advice and I bought a great pair –  Leupold at Bass Pro .   I never understood this until I bought mine.  Now it is a must. I even invested in a BinoHub which allows you to carry BINO HUByour binoculars for quick and easy access.

When hunting you need to be able to distinguish between an animal you would consider taking and one you shouldn’t.  Here are some examples:

Many outfitters will fine you if you shoot a button buck which is easy to mistake for a doe.  Since a doe is small, sometimes they are very hard to distinguish from a young buck. Button bucks are just beginning to grow their antlers and have small knobs at their skull. Button bucks have a very triangular face. Also, they are not real experienced so they will be playful and unafraid of noise and movement. Does on the other hand are very cautious and will stop frequently to make sure their surroundings are safe unlike the button buck who acts like they don’t have a care in the world. Also, many times outfitters will restrict the number of points on the buck’s rack as well as a minimum spread between the antlers.   This can get real tricky if you don’t have a great pair of binoculars.

For me, I have a problem with night vision.  The binoculars give me an edge  to be able to see that early deer at dawn  or that last shot of the day at dusk.  I love my binoculars!