Camp Pheasant


Had to get my picture taken with John Boy!

My Hubby and John Boy!


You never forget a good hunt, but meeting amazing people at camp is even more memorable. My hubby and I have so much fun on these great hunting getaways.  We are always reminded of this whenever we gather up with other like minded people. I love meeting people from all walks of life as each person has a story and no two are the same.  What bonds us together as hunters is a connection to the nature around us and our passion to preserve and to protect it through conservation. For me, I look forward to the fellowship whenever we get together with other hunters.

I really enjoyed meeting John Boy this past weekend at DW Outdoors in Mullins, SC.   For those of you who may not know him ( probably not many don’t know him), he is a nationally syndicated radio personality – John Boy & Billy The Big Show.  Thank you John Boy for that great shout out about Camo365 to your two million listeners!  My blog stats blew up for several days!!!

Billy McDaniels is always willing to share his shooting tips and wisdom with anyone who asks! 





Danny Wayne, our host and his brothers, Robin and Chris. Hunting bonds families together!


Our hunting buddy, Michael Sherk

The kitchen bursts with trays and trays of amazing food,  The room filled with laughter and talk quiets to  complete silence as the blessing is asked before our meal.  We show our appreciation for the harvest and sit down to enjoy a gorgeous southern supper. Southern home cooking on steroids is my favorite way to describe the amazing spread prepared by the staff at  DW Outdoors! Thank you Jeff, Frank, & Wyman!!

We gather to ask the blessing.

Hot off the grill




Six birds taken this time! I am getting better every time.


Saw some excellent shots!

It was a great day in the field and always thinking about the next shoot!!!





Me and my hubby, Trippett

Maggie Boineau, Prois Hunt Staff

Author: maggie

Hi there! I’m a real estate agent by day, an avid hunter on the weekends, and this is my blog. I live in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina have a wonderful husband and fellow hunter, whose name is Trippett. My passion for hunting is rooted in growing up in a hunting family. I loved everything about hunting and was always fascinated with guns and archery.

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  1. Good times at DW Outdoors!
    Always a feast, friendship, and fine shooting.

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  2. That article made me feel like we were there reliving the fun. I smiled the whole reading. Thanks Maggie!

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    • Thank you Frank! I had a photo of Buddy that I wanted to add but my site was really acting up with photos. It took me a long time to get it up. I will share the photo with you. He is a great pup!!!

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