So, what is Solas, you ask? Prois Hunting just introduced Solas, their lightest hunting apparel ever, and if you research the word, Solas, one of the meanings is  “light”! But stand corrected, Solas is ULTRA LIGHT!  That’s right; this newest line offers the best warm-weather garments or layering options for maximum comfort created from a polyester base or blend. Designed for maximum dependability, you will love the durability, and most of all, comfort.

Fall may already be here, but that doesn’t always mean cooler temperatures.  South Carolina has some pretty warm temperatures that will put you to the test for endurance when things start to heat up. Whether you are dove hunting, whitetail hunting, or hog hunting,  you need to stay camouflaged AND cool! Besides that, it is always nice to look your best, and this line will not let you down.  Solas is fun to wear even if you are not hunting!

camo is not just for hunting

Prois whether you are hunting or just styling!

For those of you who have not seen this camouflage pattern before, let’s go back a bit and explain why it is so unique.  Prois Hunting has been a leader in women’s hunting apparel for many years and their challenge was not only to provide hunting clothes that fit women perfectly but to come up with a unique pattern that has set them apart from all others in the industry with their introduction of CUMBRE. which was specifically designed by Veil Camo exclusively for Prois.  The blends of browns, grays, greens, and tans work together to create disruption that works in open space as well as deep timber.  The use of animal vision and perception research across a wide spectrum of species and mathematical algorithms based on shapes found in the natural world provided the technology used in designing this amazing camo pattern.  Now, that is a lot of science going into the design, but it is hard not to notice that it looks fantastic A real head-turner! Ok, now that you know how this beautiful modern camo pattern originated, are you ready to give it a try?

Take a look at some of these Carolina girls who love the Cumbre pattern and love Solas!

hunting clothes for warm weather for women

Kim Davis, Prois fan of Myrtle Beach has fallen in love with Solas! Great photo of Kim doing some trail cam prep!

girls who hunt with dogs

Patty Reel, Prois SC State Coordinator all smiles even in the warm temps!



Womens hunting clothes for warm weather conditions

Tarra Stoddard.  Prois Staffer stays cool and comfortable PLUS looks amazing in her warm-weather Prois clothes.


Great testimonial from Tarra! “If you are new to hunting, purchasing your camo gear can be confusing and costly. Once you decide what game you will be hunting, there is only one place I will recommend for women’s hunting apparel. Your hunting apparel is something you do not want to cut corners on. It is an investment you will be thankful you made. Prois Hunting Apparel is the best on the market for women, in my humble opinion, especially if you like to stay warm, be dry, and have apparel made for the outdoor elements. They actually have women’s camo apparel that fits a woman properly.  I currently wear their ultra-light and mid-weight lines. The Solas ultra-light camo saved many of my hot hunts this summer. The top-grade moisture-wicking fabric is also treated with an anti-microbial finish to aid on scent and odor control. The light Solas material breathes so well it’s like wearing flattering fitting comfy pajamas. The Solas pants waistband sits at your natural waist and features a revolutionary hidden elastic waistband. (You will be writing “Thank You” letters to Prois after wearing these on a hunt.) The best part is that the Solas pants look amazing! (I am wearing them in the photo) I adore the fit of their Solas 1/2 Zip shirt. The athletic cut and extra length through the torso maximizing coverage are great!”
What should you wear when dove hunting?

MAGGIE BOINEAU, Prois Staffer wearing Solas Half Zip