shutterstock_331993565With the opening of duck season,  and dove season winding down, AND deer season still going strong until January 1, 2016, how do you choose?  My choice of what to hunt?……. Deer hunting without question! Don’t get me wrong; they all have their charms. Dove hunting is a welcomed season after turkey hunting ends way back on April 30th.   It’s a long summer!  Duck hunting is a passion for many hunters. It just does not happen to be mine. I am excited, though to be going back to DW Outdoors in a couple of weeks to hunt ducks and I do have my new 12 gauge Benelli which I hope will make some difference in my skill set. But deer season is my true passion. I love those long hours that for me seem to fly by as I visualize that big buck stepping out from nowhere into my site. This year has been a tough one with many of my fellow hunters yet to score a deer.  The thought is that since  we hunt in the low country and with all  the heavy rain and flooding, our hunts have been less successful than our friends to the north where the deer apparently sought higher ground.  Our freezer is only half full and my husband and I  are determined to get back out to the woods before the last day of the season to find that elusive buck.  For me, it is all about harvesting amazing game meat for special dinners with family and friends. For those of you who hunt and love the outdoors, get your shopping done and presents wrapped and head to the woods before the season and the year draw to a close!