why do you need ear protection when you shoot guns?

Shooting clays at Backwoods Quail Club

I love getting my hands on new gear, and recently I had an opportunity to write a gear review for one of the top sources for the latest sales and deals on anything relating to hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports –  Hunting Gear Deals  The product I was assigned to review was Decibullz Hearing Protection. Hearing protection is so important, not just out on the range, but anytime you are using a firearm.  I have always used the foam earplugs when I am at the range, but sorry to say that I have not been using ear protection when in the field.  Not cool at all!

One of the most important reasons hunters are drawn to the outdoors is to enjoy the entire experience, and that includes the sounds you only hear when you are still in the woods or in the field.  From early morning song birds to the rustle of a squirrel in the bush, to the break in the silence as a owl screeches,  this is what we love.  Most of us don’t want to give up the opportunity to clearly hear outdoor sounds, so we rarely think about ear protection.  Disposable foam earplugs have been my “go to” ear protection, but they typically end up on the ground instead of staying in my ear,  making them truly “disposable”!   I was really looking forward  to having my own custom ear protection that protects my hearing from the damage caused by gunfire, but allows you to enjoy conversations and outdoor sounds as well.

However, hunting is not the only reason you need to think about hearing protection. Hearing loss is cumulative – it is slow, but over time the damage can become permanent.  When we are exposed to work related noise, and everyday noise such as lawn blowers and other machinery, it is taking a toll on our hearing. Going to a loud concert or loud night club is fun, but over time our hearing will not be what it was when we were younger.  So, wearing ear protection when possible is something we should all consider.  I would rather wear ear protection now than have to wear hearing aids later!  There are many types of ear protection on the market and there is something for every budget, from disposable ear plugs to expensive electronic ear protection

what kind of ear protection should you buy?

Decibullz Filters

I really enjoyed molding my own custom ear protection and the Decibullz online instructional video was very helpful.  It only takes a short time to mold the earplugs to fit your ear perfectly!   Check out the full review at : Hunting Gear Deal Review

Off to the Range! 

Now, with my Percussive Filters ready to go to work, my husband, Trippett and I made our way to the range to do a little clay shooting to give them a try! Being a member at Backwoods Quail Club in Georgetown, SC makes it so convenient to get out and shoot clays!  The scenic vistas and cool breezes as you weave through the course make the time spent so enjoyable! I’m primarily a hunter and I love wingshooting, as well as whitetail, hog, and turkey hunting. Since it’s summertime and hunting season doesn’t start for several months, I always look forward to going to Backwoods  to do some clay shooting.  The idea of using custom earplugs is very appealing to me, especially with the Percussive Filters so that I can hear conversations and have the protection I need when the shooting begins.

why is it important to wear ear protection

Trying out the ear filters!

Decibullz provides you with multiple flange tips and foam tips that you can bring out to the range so that you can test different tips in actual use.  I felt confident that the earplugs were performing well, with noticeable sound isolation.

what do you see when you are in the woods?

Two deer were grazing right across from the stand!

My hubby and I had a fantastic day on the clays course. We could not believe that we had two deer feeding about 125 yards away, and neither deer moved a muscle the entire time we were shooting at the stand. Trippett remarked that they must have been wearing Decibullz earplugs as well!  In summary, I was pleased with the experience of molding my own earplugs and felt like the product performed very well on the shooting range. I completely forgot I was wearing them, so the comfort box was also checked. My hubby performed better than I did this round, but you did not “hear” that from me!

If you would like to  be a part of the gear review program with Hunting Gear Deals, just go to the website and click on Gear Reviews.  Take a few minutes to look through the great reviews that have been posted and at the bottom of the page, there is a simple sign up application.  It is fun and exciting to try out new gear and provide fellow hunters an honest, unpaid review.

Gear Review for Decibullz was written for Hunting Gear Deals

Blog Post was written for Waccamaw Outdoor Magazine, August 2019 Issue