february calendar with a quail sketch

I love this calendar which was a gift from my daughter, Alexandra! Every month has a sketch that depicts the hunting season. 


In a blink of an eye, February came and went, but certainly did not disappoint. The “after- deer season doldrums” never had a chance to set in as we took advantage of many outdoor opportunities!


george hi plantation dream team

Last year’s hunt – Dream Team 2019

Our trip back to George Hi Plantation each February is something we look so forward to, even when things don’t work out exactly to plan. Several members of our “Dream Team” could not make the event, with one couple getting ready to bring a new baby into the world, and one saying a final goodbye to her beloved father. With a bittersweet heart, we carried on with promises of getting together soon.

Hunters and dogs at quail hunt

Millie, the sweet Cocker Spaniel was so proud of her quarry, as she sits proudly on the hood of the truck! Smoke also did a great job in the field!

Hunting with my best buddy, my husband, Trippett, is always special, but probably not the typical Valentine’s weekend you would think a wife would select to celebrate this romantic day! For me, it was the perfect way to spend time together doing what we both love to do.


SEWE event in charleston SC

The crowds at Brittlebank Park.


Hunting with red tail hawks

Great exhibit! Hunting with Red Tail Hawks!

I was amazed at the crowds at Brittlebank Park and Marion Square, and  I could not help but beam with happiness. Families with children of all ages were taking in all that the outdoors has to offer. You could sense the joy, excitement, and appreciation for every aspect of outdoor life from those who attended. From watching the dogs compete in retrieving and herding skills to the fly- fishing demos, to lecture on topics such as tree safety, conservation, art, cooking, and so much more was exhilarating! The crowds swelled the exhibit halls, and there was something for everybody to enjoy, including reptiles and birds of prey! If you have never been to the SEWE event, please put this on your calendar for next year. I am so happy to see the enthusiasm and shared passion for the outdoors appreciated by so many!

Another highlight for me was attending a talk with famed writer, T. Edward Nickens, at the Garden and Gun office suites. It was a great experience to meet him and learn about his many adventures and all that he has done to promote conservation.

Garden & Gun Office Suite

Gorgeous spaces at the Garden & Gun office suite

Blade and Bow cocktails at Garden & Gun

We sipped on Blade and Bow cocktails that were amazing!

Garden & Gun Office Suite

Bright and cheery sitting rooms – Garden and Gun is located in the famous Cigar Factory in Charleston, South Carolina

T. Ed Nickens, Writer & Maggie Boineau

It was an absolute pleasure meeting T. Edward Nickens, writer, and conservationist.



































Garden & Gun Magazine Office

What a wonderful time at Garden & Gun’s event at SEWE- Cocktails and Conversation with T. Edward Nickens!


Wow! The annual NWTF Banquet in Georgetown, Five Rivers Chapter, had record attendance again this year, and it seems to grow larger every year. As I looked around the crowd, I was so happy to see hunters of all ages and so many women who hunt. It assured me that hunting is alive and well in South Carolina! Supporting this incredible organization is not just for turkey hunters. NWTF is one of the most highly respected organizations with a mission to promote the health of the habitat for ALL wildlife. Besides donating to such a worthwhile cause, we had a wonderful time, and I also won some exciting prizes!

NWTF prize

I love this director’s chair with the NWTF logo!

Camo cooler

So excited to win this “cool ” camo cooler which will be perfect for the boat!

Enjoying the Harvest!

venison stew

There is nothing as delicious and nourishing as venison stew!

The cold and rainy weather did not dampen our spirits. With a freezer full of beautiful venison, I was able to warm things up! There is nothing like a hearty venison stew to do just that. I used a recipe from The Complete Venison Cookbook – From Field to Table by Jim & Ann Casada! Jim has been a wonderful supporter of mine as I navigate the challenges of writing about my hunting adventures. He is a very well- known and respected outdoor writer, and you can find copies of his many books at https://www.jimcasadaoutdoors.com. This recipe was so easy to follow, and my stew was simply delicious!




Jim Casada's venison cookbook

The best venison cookbook by my friend, Jim Casada & his wife Ann


turkey tags

Almost time for turkey hunting!!!!

Yep, turkey tags arrived, and I am so ready!

March On!


See you next month… I am already over the top excited about turkey hunting!!!!!!!