gus-sied up

transitive verb

dressed up, embellished

How to use gussied up in a sentence:

With my perfectly matched camo hunting clothes, makeup, and nail polish, some people think I am all gussied up and they have no idea I’m really going hunting. I crack up when I hear them say “I love your outfit!”

bird hunt·ing


1. The rush you feel at the sound of a covey of quail as they take wing

2. The stunning acrobatic dive of a dove in flight 

3. The thunderous gobble that cuts to the core on Opening Day.

4. Witnessing daybreak, knee-deep in a swamp, as mallards glide in and cut the silence, then all hell breaks loose with gunshots piercing the air.

How to use bird-hunting in a sentence:

I would have great difficulty choosing which bird-hunting adventure I love the best because they have all become embedded in my happiest memories, and the desire to hunt birds is now nothing less than a lifelong passion.

Okay, so I am not Merriam-Webster, but I couldn’t think of a better way to define what hunting birds means to me.  Thousands of women just like me go afield every year, and they too, are at their happiest when hunting birds, especially if they are dressed right!


Women’s hunting clothes have taken the market by storm. I firmly believe that appealing hunting clothes that look great and fit well have significantly influenced the increase in new female hunters. Not long ago, female hunters had to resort to mismatched camo borrowed from their men. Those days are gone—no more “camo clash” or ill-fitting hunting clothes. Leading companies such as Próis cater specifically to women, and their extensive line with its impressive functionality not only features an innovative camo pattern but is also designed entirely for women serious about hunting. Their tagline, “dressed to kill,” is right on point! I was so impressed with the Próis line that I became a staffer eight years ago.

female pheasant hunters

Kevin’s Fine Clothing is also in the outdoor and hunting arena. It carries many outdoor apparel and accessories brands designed for those looking for a bit more fashion, such as the jacket by Tba featured in the photo below.

High end fashion for on or offfield hunting


Women have found sporting clays an exciting and rewarding sport, and our numbers are increasing. This is understandable—the sheer stress release of firing a shotgun is reason enough. Senses ablaze, eyes wide open, in slow motion you squeeze the trigger, feel the recoil, and smell the burnt gunpowder. Then, there’s the unexplainable empowerment you feel when you crush the clay. That drives the passion of many women. The best part is that it’s never too late to learn, and no age when you’re too old to shoot guns or go hunting.



female clay shooter


Many female clay shooters need only a little nudging to morph into bird hunters. Being a hunter who wears many hats, including deer hunter, hog hunter, and crow hunter (to name a few), I sometimes get an eyeball roll, and I do understand that not all types of hunting are for everyone. However, bird hunting is quite acceptable to almost all, and it offers many social opportunities, such as memberships in dove clubs and trips to quail and pheasant hunting plantations. Regardless of skill level or success, bird hunting is exhilarating, and the anticipation of a good hunt is always present. At the same time, clay shooting is a great sport, but it may not be nearly as memorable by comparison.


I quickly surveyed my fellow Próis staffers with the simple question: What is your favorite bird to hunt? The biggest issue for most of them was choosing one specific bird! These women excel at all types of hunting, and bird hunting is one that most of them are very passionate about. 

Some great comments from staffers:

“Turkeys! Nothing more electrifying than hearing that gobble cut through the quiet of the morning woods.”

Michele Witkowski

“Chasing ducks across the continent has become a passion for my husband and me. It’s something we love to do together, and we’ve met so many incredible friends doing it.”

Kristi Martel

“Pheasants! My favorite part about hunting pheasants is hunting over the dogs! It’s really not about the birds.”

Cindy Baudhuin


Turkey hunting! Hunting this challenging gamebird led the field by a remarkably high margin, followed by duck and pheasant hunting as the top three birds to hunt.

Are you still wondering what bird it would be if I could pick only one to hunt? If you guessed turkeys, you are right! Both physical and mental faculties are on fire with superhuman determination to go one-on-one with a gobbler and score. For me, it’s all about challenging myself.

huntress turkey hunting

So get gussied up; wear what makes you feel confident and powerful. It’s in our DNA; women perform better when they look and feel their best  Embellish with feathers in your hat or a knife on your belt—it doesn’t matter. What is essential is your being a part of the shooting sisterhood because we are the most sought-after demographic in the hunting industry!