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To show my appreciation for all the support I have received, in September 2016 on my one year anniversary of publishing Camo365, I started “Random Acts of Giving”.  Some of my giveaways have been advertised, and some not.  Subscribers  and Followers who have interacted with me through comments on my blog are entered into the drawings.  The good news is it costs nothing to be a Subscriber or Follower.  Yay!  My goal is to provide relevant content and great photos.  Here are some of the giveaways I have sent to my supporters:

THREE SUBSCRIBERS won these antler oyster knives!

One of the most popular giveaways was these handmade antler oyster knives.  I may bring them back for another giveaway!

Antler Rack

Treasured Book about the Low Country

Slate Big Foot Pendant

Hand Painted Deer Cutting Board

Beautiful Camo Evening Bag and more!

Handmade Camo Headband

Thank you so very much! Maggie Prois Hunt Staff Member

I want to thank all of my Subscribers  and Followers for their support!  Click, Click, Click!