BoineauMaggie-3044xWe have come a very long way from the first Thanksgiving.   Historians say that the turkey was probably not the centerpiece of the celebration and that it was more of a political gathering with 90 men – no women and no pumpkin pies.  Not until Abraham proclaimed Thanksgiving as a national holiday 250 years later, did the turkey become the star of the celebration.

How wonderful it must have been… the forest providing the meal of  wild ducks, geese, and other small birds stuffed with herbs, maze,  acorns, nuts, venison roasted over an open pit and vegetables grown from seeds that year by the English.

Today,  we have butter ball turkeys raised in crowded buildings, shot up with growth hormones and eat hams that were produced in the same manner.

So,  why is all this dislike for hunting?  I am so happy that my husband and I  have been able to harvest wild turkey, quail, duck, doves,  and venison throughout the year.  It is easy to understand that hunting is not an option for many people and that is fine.  What I don’t understand is why hunting is looked upon with contempt by so many people.  I am a hunter and am proud to have harvested two deer this season so far which will provide many beautiful venison meals for my family.   I would love to celebrate this wonderful tradition of hunting with other like minded men and women who understand the importance of protecting our second amendment.    Please don’t fall into the trap of being politically correct and be prideful of your contribution to conservation and support of our right to bear arms.  Happy Harvest!!