TB 2016 turkeyMy husband, Trippett is always saying that I am the one that knows how to call a turkey and that he is the novice.  Well, that is not exactly what happened this weekend at one of the the most gorgeous spots in the low country… Deerfield Plantation , in St, George, SC.  where we are members.   This place is simply beautiful.  The facilities will bring you back in time with its spectacular lodge and grounds. The staff is exceptional and over the past 3 years have passed along some of their trade secrets to successful turkey hunting.

Being the rabid turkey hunter that I am, I am always reading, practicing, and learning the different calls.   On the other hand, my husband relies on me to help him with calls when he has time to think about it.  He obviously is a good student.  He had a textbook exchange with a love torn Tom who fell victim to his sultry calls he made with his slate call this weekend.  This was extra special as the slate call is a one of a kind call made by my brother, Jim.  My brothers,  Charles, Johnny, & Jim,  provide the slate for a large number of turkey call manufacturers in the United States.  But, you can’t always rely on one type of call… You need a lot of tools in your tool chest.  That is what makes it so exciting and challenging.  We both still need a lot of practice but at the end of the day, we are always grateful for the time spent in the majestic woods.  There are no words to truly describe how much we love our hunts.  It is truly a privilege and a blessing!  Oops!  gotta run!  Wild turkey soup needs some stirring!!!