Dana Sacia

Dana and her sons Justin and Jaden

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Yes, we have all used this idiom before, and in this case, truer words could not be spoken! Meet Dana Sacia: Having gone through a very difficult three-year divorce, Dana and her sons Justin and Jaden had an epiphany as they went about rebuilding their lives.

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Find someone who enjoys an outdoor lifestyle is what it is all about!

They took to the woods, and their love for the outdoors fueled their idea. They found comfort in the community of like-minded individuals who found a sense of peace in the outdoors, a love for nature, and a spirit of adventure. Dana’s deep appreciation for building strong relationships centered around the simple concept that finding a partner who has common interests is the best way to connect on many levels.

With lots of spirit and determination, Dana and her sons created Hunting4Connections.com, a niche dating site for those who have a passion for outdoor pursuits, including hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, biking, and any other activity that revolves around a love of getting outside. The Sacias wanted to share their insights with others. But better yet, they wanted to do something to help other singles who were struggling to find love and happiness. Out of that process of rebuilding, they were on a mission to help others connect and build lasting relationships among others who love outdoor pursuits.

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Find your perfect outdoorsy type!

At Hunting4Connections.com, with just a few mouse clicks, women and men who share the desire for outdoor lifestyles have a place they can go to meet others who enjoy the same activities and share the same values.

With her strong Wisconsin roots, Dana and her sons tackle every problem with a positive mindset that revolves around goal setting and problem-solving. With their small-town values, the Sacias also want to give back by the end of their second year by donating a portion of each paid membership to an outdoor nonprofit. The Sacias view this as doing their part to protect the natural world for future generations.

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You don’t have to be a hunter to love the outdoors!

So how does the dating site work? There are four ways to connect: Options allow users to search for a date, a friend, an activity partner, or a relationship. Hunting4Connections.com uses a token system to allow free members to communicate with paid subscribers. All new subscribers receive 100 free tokens to start communicating. Once users run out of tokens, they will have to subscribe if they want to have continued conversations on the site.

To increase interest and drive traffic to the site, Hunting4 Connections.com is currently hosting a terrific giveaway: a romantic five-day trip to Harpole’s Heartland Lodge (heartlandlodge.com) in Illinois. This is the first of a series of giveaways that will certainly add a measure of adventure to this already exciting new option for all the outdoorsy people who are hunting for love! Check out their site to see all the great upcoming getaways, including a hog hunt at 4 Amigos Ranch in Eagle Pass, Texas and a charter fishing trip.

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Getting the word out!!

Since April is National Couple Appreciation Month, this is the perfect time to get the word out about Hunting4 Connections.com, an exciting niche dating site designed specifically for all you outdoorsy people who are looking to make connections. Happy hunting!