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Our Huntingmoon 40th Anniversary, December 9, 2023, The Cloisters at Sea Island, Georgia

On December 9th, we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary! What could be better than returning to where we honeymooned, The Cloister at Sea Island, Georgia? Quail hunting nearby at Broadfield, a Sea Island Sporting Club & Lodge, was a big part of this getaway, and we were thrilled to experience this charming Southern hunting club on this special occasion! 

As we drove through the private gate at Broadfield, the meandering road through the lush Georgia woodlands gave us a glimpse of what we would soon know to be an extraordinary place. Giant oaks draped in Spanish moss made for a spectacular backdrop as we drove to the Lodge, surrounded by quaint cabins and buildings that honored the natural environment. I loved the expansive porches anchored with columns of sturdy palms. Furnished with a comfortable couch and seating, I immediately thought this would be the perfect spot to gather after an exhilarating hunt.

We were welcomed and greeted by Lee Barber, and we were thoroughly impressed with the compelling history of the club and especially his knowledge as a conservationist and hunter.

Strolling through the Lodge, we were amazed by the trophies taken from the hunting grounds, especially the alligator full mount on the massive stone fireplace and many other exotic trophies from faraway hunts. I particularly loved the vintage photographs from hunts at this extraordinary place from years past, and I was thrilled to see all the women hunters in the photos. I could not help imagining what that era would have been like and was taken in by the celebration each hunt portrayed in the images.

Molly McKee and her friendly staff made us feel at home, and meeting the other guests and hearing their stories added to the quaint ambiance at the Lodge. After introductions, we gathered up for a field-to-table, hearty Southern meal. It’s good that I had an afternoon of walking and hunting quail; otherwise, napping may have been in order since I may have over-indulged on the warm apple cobbler!

So many thoughts were going through my head as we were about to meet our guide and his dogs. A good hunt is so much more than shooting birds; the connection between the hunters, the guide, and the dogs is what makes a quail hunt memorable. A two-level open-air truck approached us, and we could hear the dogs’ excitement as the vehicle pulled to a stop. Immediately, we knew we were in for a great day. With broad smiles all around, we met Wes Schlosser, our guide, and Cotton, the Cocker Spaniel, who rode shotgun and won over our hearts very quickly. There was no doubt that we would be in for a fun day with Wes’s easy-going demeanor and quick wit that ensured me that the hunt would be one I would not forget. 

This December afternoon was a storybook day to drive through the scenic plantation, with sunshine abound but brisk temps as we traveled to the hunting grounds in our open-air vehicle. We kept warm with a lot of cuddling as we made our way; after all, it was our “Huntingmoon Hunt”! 

quail hunt ride

There was no doubt that Wes was a dogman- a well-established dog trainer. The love, trust, and respect between him and his dogs were undeniable. The pointers demonstrated sheer athleticism and discipline, taking their roles very seriously without flaw, and the cockers followed suit and worked in harmony, giving us a lot of action throughout the afternoon. My husband has been a long-time wing shooter and always makes it look so easy, while I am relatively new to the sport with more experience hunting big game. I was thrilled that my day afield was the best one to date. 

Our second-day hunt was even more exciting, if that is even possible, with another day of great action and great shots. The pointers were finding the birds, and the cockers patiently waited for us to set up before flushing the birds, offering us many shooting opportunities. 

The best way to say how impressed we were with the two-day quail hunting experience at Broadfield is that we are already booked for hunts in February 2024 and a return hunt on our anniversary in December 2024! 

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Many incredible experiences for the entire family are offered at Broadfield, such as Falconry, Competitive-style 5-Stand, Rifle and Pistol Range, Sporting Clays Course, and lodging for up to 18 people! Visit the website for complete details.