view from standWhere are the bucks?  With the unseasonably warm and rainy weather, deer hunters are trying to figure out when the rut will be peaking.  Over the last 3- 4 weeks, the weather has not cooperated with the buck’s desire to find the does.  One theory is that the bucks are not moving during the hot daytime hours so that they can conserve their energy for the peak mating season, preferably when we get a good cold snap.    Other experts contend when you document breeding dates in a location, they actually change very little year to year, even though the dates of peak rut behaviors might vary.  This is one of the best articles I have read:  Wired to Hunt and I am taking from this post that we may be right at the peak this week here in    South Carolina.   I am game to go back out hunting  even though this weekend will be warm and muggy.    To top it off, the mosquitos have been at an all time  high misery index that only is made better by wearing a Buff and using your Thermacell.    I am thrilled and very thankful that I was able to harvest a doe this past weekend and hoping this weekend will be prime for buck action!!!