Now that the dust has settled and the cobwebs have cleared, I realize that I probably owe a few friends an apology. Missed birthday wishes, unreturned texts, and invitations passed up pretty much sums up my last few weeks of deer season. I could blame it on the holidays or my busy work schedule, but I am now admitting that I was totally obsessed with deer hunting.  It’s not like I did not have many hunts, as there were plenty. Nor was it an off year since I harvested two bucks and a doe.

Looking back, I realize that I was on a mission to hunt every opportunity that came my way.  I was feeling that dread that comes over you when your favorite season (next to turkey hunting)  draws to an end and you can’t believe it will be another 8 months until you can experience  the insatiable thrill of hunting whitetails. There were so many amazing hunts this season. When I was not seeing deer, I was seeing hogs and I have to admit with three deer and three hogs down all with clean shots,  I have a lot to be happy about.  

Since deer season drew to a close, I’ve had a great duck hunt and, I have a quail hunt on my schedule for February.  So yes, I have moved on and I finally can clearly see that I can and need to control this impassioned desire to hunt.   After all, it is only a couple of months till my “other love” rolls around… turkey hunting!

Like deer season, turkey season has a way of gripping you like a viper on a mouse.  When you are not in the woods, you are thinking about it.  When you are not thinking about it, you are asleep.  Now that I am no longer in denial of this impending problem, I am going to be very careful not to repeat the same pattern I had with deer hunting.   I promise I will not become that hard to recognize shadow of a person who looks more like a tree than a human.  I assure you my friends, I’ll be there for you when you need me and that is not just turkey talk!