Jessica Hill

Being a Blogger who writes about girls who like to hunt and fish, I quickly realized Jessica was the silver tuna! There was something very special about her. I featured her on my blog a number of times because she was a fascinating girl in a man’s world. I listened to her light up when she talked about fishing.  Her passion was only upstaged by her knowledge.  Her following was beyond incredible and It did not take me long to realize why. Whenever you arrived at the bait store, she would drop everything to talk to you. It did not matter how many people were waiting to pay for their bait and get out to the water.  You knew when it was your time at the register, she would take as long as you needed to get what you wanted.  There was never a rush.  It was never about the sale;  it was aways about making sure you caught fish.  That was Jessica.

This is my last post about Jessica.  In her short life, her influence in the fishing world is undeniable and she clearly was loved by so many people.  We will miss you Jessica Hill.  “Fish On”!

A Farewell Gathering on the Inlet