Lizard Man

He can’t climb a deer stand!!, Right???

Well it is getting closer to deer hunting season and I am hearing  about more sightings of Lizard Man.  Hmmm.  …

It started years ago in the 80’s right here in SC in a small town near Bishopville close to Scape Ore Swamp and locals have been reporting sightings of the beast for many years.  Described as a 7 foot tall man lizard with glowing red eyes, the creature has been credited with leaving bite marks on a local couple’s vehicle and leaving a trail of carnage including a dead cow and a dog nearby.  Sounds scary all right!

Ok,  this is not good. I can just see it now…we are deep in the swamp and my husband has been hanging with T- Mobile since he got his first phone in 1991.  Since we are in our own deer stands when  he texts me and I get his message the next day!  Why he won’t change over to Verizon I have no idea.

If I see glowing red eyes coming towards my stand, I will need  a plan.  No sense trying to  call my husband for any help!   I will be well armed so Lizard Man stay away!!!