Review: Magellan Women’s Snake Defender Hunting Boot

By Maggie Boineau


Magellan Snake boots

Magellan Boots arrived!

My timing in finding Magellan snake boots could not have been more perfect. My previous snake boots were falling apart from extended wear, and the manufacturer discontinued that particular style. So I was on the hunt for a new pair, and I needed them quickly. Quite frankly, when I found Magellan Women’s Snake Defender Hunting Boots online, I had to take a second look at the price—it was much lower than the cost of comparable snake boots, and I was a bit skeptical, thinking they might not have all the features I required. But, wow, was I wrong! 


A side zipper is a must-have for me, as this makes it much easier and faster to get the boots on and off. In addition, the lace-up feature was a bonus, as it offered me the ability to adjust the fit without having to lace up the boots every time I wear them.

Here in South Carolina, we have many species of venomous snakes, plus moderate temperatures for many months of the year—I need a reliable snake boot year-round. Magellan offers Snake Shield technology, which gives me the confidence I need when hunting.

Another requirement is a snake boot that performs well in varying temperatures and conditions, from hot, muggy swamps to rugged, hilly terrain. Comfort is essential, whether I’m hunting wild hogs in humid summer weather or calling turkeys in the early season when cold temperatures in the morning frequently give way to afternoon heat.

Lightweight snake boots can make or break a long hunt, and Magellan Snake Defender boots are both light in weight—for all-day walking—and comfortable.

female hunter walking with a gun

These boots are made for walking!

Most hunters want a waterproof boot and typically resort to traditional rubber boots that don’t provide the safety of snake-proofing technology. So owning a pair of snake boots that offers waterproof technology is especially important and desirable to most hunters. I know it is important to me.

Gotta look good! As a female hunter, I attract a lot of attention, and I admit that I’m a bit vain about my hunting apparel. I’m not too fond of camo clash—the dark brown leather and brown textile shafts of the Magellan Women’s Snake Defender Hunting Boots complement everything I wear.


Seeing these boots online and then taking them out of the box was great because they exceeded my expectations. As I lifted them out of the box, I instantly knew the weight would be perfect. I couldn’t wait to slip them on and was so happy that they were true to size. I am a boot snob, and I immediately knew these Snake Defender boots were a perfect match for me.


I was curious about the lace-up feature and its correlation to keeping the boot waterproof, so I investigated its construction. The boot’s tongue is perfectly sewn to the boot shaft, providing a complete barrier from water intrusion.


WALKING through mud

Baiting hogs can be a slippery situation!

Since I got my Magellan snake boots, I have hunted deer and hogs several times at my hunt club. With daytime temperatures as high as 90 degrees, I was keenly aware of the need for boots that kept my feet comfortable and offered reliable traction on wet and slick surfaces, which I often encountered near my hog stand. I was super pleased that my feet were perfectly comfortable, and that I never slipped even while baiting the hogs. Fortunately, I did not run into any venomous snakes in the woods, so the Snake Shield Technology was not tested.

girl taking a photo of wading bird

You never know when you will need to have a waterproof boot!

As a hunting and fishing blogger, I often get my feet wet, so a versatile boot is a bonus. For example, I recently got home from a long day of hog hunting and ran to my backyard when I found out that the elusive clapper rails were nesting in the reeds! I love photographing nature, and I was thrilled to be able to get right in the marsh to photograph the “ghost hen” and not have to worry about getting my feet wet! In addition, I was happy to clean off the hog mud and creek silt from my boots easily with my dock hose and no leaks! 

cleaning waterproof snakeboots

Cleaning my boots



They are designed for a woman’s foot and calf—no need to buy a man’s boot.

This boot will take you through every season with comfort and reliability.

Impressive Snake Shield technology.


Outsoles built for transitioning from rough to slick surfaces.

They look amazing!


True to size.

Plenty of room for a good moisture-wicking sock for year-round comfort.

An appealing solid brown look means no camo clash.

Fantastic price, just $99!


I had to get used to the long laces, but that’s not much of an issue.

I could not find any significant cons as hard as I have tried, but I will be happy to provide a follow-up review after a full year of wearing these boots.


I am excited about this boot. I am buying a second pair to rotate to keep them in optimal condition since I hunt year-round! The price is too reasonable to pass up another pair.