dreaming of being in the woods with nature It’s that time of year again when I realize that hunting—for the most part—is over until the fall. I can’t help but feel a sense of the blues coming on, since hunting is an integral part of my life. I am trying to turn my blues into a refreshed sense of appreciation for the big blue ocean that awaits just minutes from my backdoor.

what is it like to see a deer in the wild

Got close to this young deer at our family farm in Pa.

I wonder to myself: What is it about hunting that draws me in, and what is it about fishing that leaves me mostly aloof? I quickly conclude that it is not just hunting, but the woods that I hunger for. I feel at home under the majesty of the canopies and the “50 shades” of green that surround me. Every bush, every weed, every tree presents an array of colors, from sage to emerald to forest green.



With every step I take, I am entranced with wonder. What wildlife will I see? What wildflowers will I find?

how to find wildflowers in the woods

I love finding wildflowers!



What earthy smell will bring me back to my childhood, when I spent so much time exploring our woods on the family farm? What truth will I discover, alone with my thoughts on this hallowed ground?

I quickly come back to reality, and with some guilt, I contemplate how lucky I am to live where I do—where the Inlet greets the ocean and all the beauty, excitement, and mystery of the deep blue sea all within minutes from my home. 


I don’t have much belief in astrology, but wonder if my birthdate in December does, in fact, have something to do with me being an earth person rather than a water person. From my research, I read that earth signs are known to provide the resources necessary for the functions of life and have a deep affinity with nature.  The earth element connects you to the greater natural world with what appears to be a spiritual connection to nature and the great outdoors!

Hm. Maybe there is something there after all! I do provide resources, such as the meat harvested from my hunting adventures, and there is no doubt that I have a very deep affinity with nature. So maybe it is my nature to feel more comfortable in the woods, and quite possibly I never will be as much at home on the water.


So, with this renewed perspective, I anticipate summer days on the water. My mind travels to my past ocean experiences and I immediately feel very small thinking about the expanse of sea, the intense motion of the waves, and the radiance of the blazing sun above.

coming in for offshore fishing

Coming in from offshore fishing

Quietly, I long for feet firmly on the ground and the sense of security and the coolness of the woods. Our small vessel feels like a bathtub free-floating in an endless sea, and my eyes search for the distant shoreline.


Marsh grasses behind our house in Murrells Inlet

As we make it back to the Inlet, there is still fishing to be done in the quiet and calm salt marsh, where I know flounder flourish and reds rule.

For now, I am finding my peace on the water with the green marsh grasses and the oyster banks. This welcome bit of earth among the vast water offers my balance, and I am grounded once again.