Man making walking sticks

Meet “Stick Man”, Thomas Williams

Well, maybe he isn’t raising cane, but he is making canes—and some pretty spectacular ones at that! If you have passed through Pawleys Island, SC, anytime over the past 30 years or so, you would have seen a shady parking lot with a red truck, rows and rows of his handcrafted canes, and a friendly man waving.

Thomas Williams, a McClellanville native, is a celebrated cane maker who has positively impacted the lives of many people. William is full of inspiration, charm, and sheer happiness for all his blessings, and his positivity is contagious. Mr. Williams is quite famous and has been recognized by SCETV and by many writers over the years.

Handcrafted walking sticks

Beautiful handcrafted canes in every style

Every cane is a work of art, lovingly crafted in the Gullah tradition. And don’t be fooled by the word “cane”—these are also walking sticks, which I prefer to call them. Williams’s skill and knowledge of wood species are impressive, as is his incredible history as a fourth-generation cane maker. In addition, he has excellent recommendations for every customer to make sure that the cane they choose is perfect for their needs.

As a hunter, I love to carry a walking stick. It feels empowering to have such a good stick that, if necessary, you can use it as a weapon in addition to your gun in the event of trouble.

walking sticks hand designed

I love my walking stick!!

Williams crafts walking sticks in an impressive number of sizes and styles, and from multiple different species of wood, giving his customers seemingly endless choices. I wanted one with a spearhead, but my hubs talked me out of it, in favor of a more versatile stick. Whether it’s for hiking, hunting, or just looking cool, there is a cane for every need and personality.

Even if you don’t need a cane, stop by and soak in the positive, friendly vibe you are guaranteed to get from a conversation with Mr. Williams. And he is quite a good salesman—so don’t be surprised if you leave with a cane that you just could not leave behind!

wooden sign

Charming sign that has been a part of Mr. Williams set up for many years