Maggie Dove hunting with Benelli

Ok,  you could say that I am in love with my new ultra light Benelli 12 gauge shotgun.   I have been in the market for a another shotgun for some time. I love to hunt doves, turkey, and ducks so I felt like my 20 gauge over under was coming up short on versatility. Now, I can’t complain… I have had some pretty good success with my 20 gauge- a trophy turkey, couple of ducks and plenty of doves over the years. But, a girl has to have as much confidence as possible and a 12 gauge Benelli does just that. It is impressive in every way. First,  I love being able to load and shoot 3 shells instead of two.  David Floyd, one of the owners at The Gun Store, took good care of me when selecting the gun that was right for me.  We carefully went through all the different aspects of the gun and how I wanted to use it.  A 12 gauge has more recoil and are typically heavier than a 20 gauge.  Since I got the ultra light, the weight of the gun was not an issue.  As for the recoil, I have not had any problem with it.   A 12 gauge should have an advantage of range but more or less has the same shooting power as the 20 gauge.  Since I love to hunt turkey and ducks as well as doves, I think the 12 gauge will be the perfect gun for me.  So,  I embrace my Italian roots and I am thrilled with my Beneili!!