Meet Katilyn Marie White: Hunter, Angler, Adventure Camp Counselor, reigning TEEN MISS SC
Katilyn is a young woman who is known for always giving back more than she ever receives. That includes her strong ethics in the outdoors, her work with children and special needs and her service to the community.
Pageant Princess on some days and catching catfish with the kids at Wildlife Action Camp on another! Katilyn has a special talent to be at ease and excel in any type atmosphere while helping others feel the same. She may be speaking with the governor one day and down to earth and connected to her roots on the next.

Don’t count life by the breaths you take, but rather by the moments
that takes your breath away”

 This is the creed by which Katilyn lives her life. Full of enthusiasm, always smiling, always laughing and bringing so much joy. Well spoken, beautiful, talented, caring and compassionate. Her family, friends and community consider it a blessing to have her as part of their lives! None more so than her adopted dad, Frank Oliver, CEO of Wildlife Action, a national conservation and education organization based in the Southeastern United States. Katilyn came to camp at 5 years old and immediately took the heart of all the staff. Raised by her grandmother, Robbie White, Katilyn has overcome so much with the passing of her father at a young age.  Katilyn, Frank, and Frank’s daughter also named Katelyn, all became family and now 12 years later still spend most weekends together in one fashion another.

Katilyn is a busy young lady either as varsity cheerleader, taking dance, volunteer at animal shelter and nursing home, instructor at Wildlife Action Environmental Education Programs or guide at youth hunts just to name a few of her activities!We look forward to seeing all that she will achieve. Best of luck accomplishing all your goals Katilyn!


Katilyn is also a member of the Pee Dee Academy Shooting Sports Team and was recently named Wildlife Action’s National Pathfinder of the year, the organization’s highest youth honor!