Off the beautiful Florida coast near Boca Raton, we set out on a charter to go deep sea fishing.  It was not the calmest weather and we girls got tickled as the other charter boat from our group had to turn back because the men got seasick.

We didn’t go out that far and our captain started us out fishing for some real small fish. As we caught them I could not figure out why were we fishing for these little fish.  It just didn’t sound that exciting to me. Soon I learned that the little fish would be dinner for the big fish.  Now that made sense to me. So, off we continued until we found that sweet spot only a seasoned captain would know about. Out in that wide ocean, hard to figure out how these guys know right where that spot is, but he proved to be a great fishing guide!

We took turns fishing and it was not long when I hooked up with a fish. I knew it had to be big as the line screamed from the reel.  After a 20 minute battle I finally got the fish close enough to the boat for the mate to get him in the net.  When I saw the fish I was so proud – it was the biggest fish I ever caught at about 50 lbs and nearly 50 inches.    I was exhausted, but so excited. My husband also caught a good size Redfish, but not as big as mine! HA!