Huntress with scope eye

Sporting my scope eye!

Every hunter experiences this one time but rarely twice.  My husband always told me to make sure the gun was mounted correctly at my shoulder and that I had a firm grip on the gun, but I must have forgotten this.  It was the last day of our hunt and we rose early so we would be in our stands by 6 am.  Since it was late fall, dawn would be another hour and I had plenty of time for a deer to appear.  Typically your chance of seeing a deer is at the break of dawn and as each hour passes,  your chances diminish.

My guide was coming to pick me at 11 am sharp.  Wouldn’t you know it,  right at 10:55 a big doe appears like a ghost out of nowhere!  It was down a long path but within my sites.  Probably a good 125-yard shot.  I was so excited and nervous that my guide would scare the doe off before I could get my shot, I hurried and pulled the trigger.   Kaboom! I was the one who got hit- with my scope!!!!  My face stung and my eye was hurting like crazy.  I looked for the doe but I clearly missed my shot.  When my guide picked me up,  he started laughing and said “scope eye!  I had never heard of it before but it was a great lesson.  The funny part was we were to go to a Charity Fashion Show that night and my daughter was one of the models.  I was not going to miss it.  I put on my pretty black dress and it matched my eye perfectly.  No matter how much makeup I put on, it was still very evident.  It made a very good dinner table conversation for sure!