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Practicing my Northern Scratchbox !

Steve Sorensen’s Northern Scratchbox Turkey Call

Turkey hunting is one of the most interactive and challenging endeavors a hunter can experience. There is nothing like the thrill of feeling the earth-shaking gobble of one of these formidable gamebirds, and it is not long before most hunters are hooked for life.

Each year, I try to up my game and challenge myself in the pursuit of killing a turkey. A little background: I have primarily used a slate call for turkey hunting, with excellent success. Plus I have deep roots in growing up in a quarry-owning family that produces the slate used in many of the calls sold in the U.S. I will always love my slate call—but I also strive to expand my skills in any hunting discipline.

scratch call

This year, my challenge was to learn how to hunt turkeys with a scratch call. I became interested in scratch calls when an older Southern gentleman gifted me one at turkey camp many years ago. This call had probably seen a lot of action, and try as I might I could not get the sounds consistent.

I checked out some YouTube videos to see if I could figure out what I was doing wrong. One that intrigued me was Steve Sorensen’s video about his Northern Scratchbox. I ordered one on the spot and could not wait to get it in my hands. In the meantime, I watched the instructional video several times so I’d be ready to roll when the call arrived.

scratch call

I am giving 100 percent accolades for the quality, performance, and artistry of the Northern Scratchbox (everydayhunter.com/turkey-call). The packaging includes an easy instructional reference for achieving the sounds that drive gobblers wild. The chalk provided is the best I have ever used. The brown color is so much more appealing than other chalk colors, and the chalk’s density undoubtedly means it will last a good while. Quite frankly, I was able to make realistic turkey sounds immediately with this call!

I called in a big gobbler on Opening Day in South Carolina and could not be happier. I also introduced the Northern Scratchbox to one of my hunting buddies, and we were able to call in a beautiful bird for her with it as well.

This call is versatile, reliable, and exciting to use! There is no need to worry about that awful, unplanned squawk you may get when using a typical box call. I particularly love the lanyard attaching the soundboard to the striker board, as this makes it so easy to keep track of it. Plus, the Northern Scratchbox is virtually weightless.

There is no doubt that Steve Sorenson has achieved a prominent place in the turkey call makers’ arena. I highly recommend the Northern Scratchbox to any turkey hunter, no matter their experience in calling turkeys. You will love it!