As Seen in SHE Magazine February 2016 issue


WHILE MANY WOMEN ARE PASSIONATE about things like shoes and jewelry, Maggie Boineau is crazy about camo clothes and the great outdoors. “I grew up in a hunting family. As a young girl, I had my own BB gun and bow. I always loved the outdoors, and my brothers even allowed me to use their guns occasionally.”

She became serious about the sport after her daughters left for college and she had more time. When her husband, who has been hunting all his life, bought her a 20-gauge over/under shotgun, he and Maggie began dove hunting. It wasn’t long before she delved into turkeys, hogs, and ducks. Three years ago, Maggie began hunting deer, her current favorite. “Deer season is the longest, which has enabled me to gain a lot of experience and success.”

She and her husband travel throughout the year and are currently looking to expand their hunting territory. For Maggie, the thrill of the hunt is the most appealing.

“Being outdoors and being able to harvest my own food is very important to me. There is not much I don’t love about hunting. That close to nature, you never know what you will see, hear, or experience.”

She decided to share her passion with others through a blog, titled Camo 365. “I spent so many hours in the deer stand and realized I had some awesome thoughts I wanted to share. After jotting down ideas for six months, I decided to start a blog.”

The blog is open to everyone. “Men who encourage their women to hunt will end up with more hunts than those who don’t. My husband loves hunting with me. He has gone on so many more hunts since we started hunting together, and now he rarely goes without me.”

Camo 365 was officially launched in September 2015, just in time for dove season. “This became the perfect way for me to incorporate my passion with my desire to write. I have so many ideas and would love to spend more time on publishing posts.”

Along with the blog came a personal mission for Maggie to wear camo every day. “It is a statement of how important hunting and gun rights are to me.”

THANKS TO THE DIFFERENT GAME SEASONS, Maggie’s hunting wardrobe has become extensive. “It was a bit frustrating at first, with a real void in women’s hunting clothes. That has changed now, and women have so many options for serious hunting clothes that actually fit! I always get compliments about wearing camo. Whether it’s a hat, jeans, or a jacket, my camo always sparks a conversation.”

As a Realtor, she finds ways to maintain her professional appearance while still incorporating her chosen clothing style.

“What is great, though, is that – since I work in a resort environment – there is a much more relaxed look that works when showing property. I have incorporated fun things like my camo tote bag, accents such as scarfs and dressy camo tops and, of course, I have a camo cover on my cell phone. If you look closely, I usually have a camo hair tie, too.”

Some of the best tips on Maggie’s blog are related to deer hunting. “This includes keeping makeup to a minimum, such as no mascara (since it interferes with seeing through the scope) and making sure there are no invaders, such as wasps, in the blind before you get settled in. Also, memorize where everything is in your backpack, as you cannot turn on any lights after you are settled in your blind. I also have a great post on what do you do when you have to ‘go’ in the woods!

Maggie keeps her posts interesting with humor and personal stories, as well. One post captures the pain of ‘scope eye,’ a mistake that everyone seems to make once. It involves the recoil of the gun and the impact of the scope on your face if you do not have a firm grip on your gun when you pull the trigger.” To keep her skill set sharp, Maggie visits her local shooting range as much as possible. Camo 365 ensures a quick, fun read for all visitors. Maggie shares recipes, reviews, and the latest on hunting gear and fashion.

She also welcomes guest posts.

“What has amazed me is the number of girls and women of all ages who are so excited to learn more about hunting and how many who hunt regularly. I have realized how many girls want to learn to hunt so that they can have something more in common with their significant other… It’s really cute.” This year, she plans to incorporate more posts about fishing. “I have several girlfriends who have promised to help me with some guest posts. Fishing holds many opportunities for girls to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Hunting and fishing are feasible for girls and women of all ages. It is very gratifying to be able to hang with the guys and not be treated any differently.”

Maggie’s primary goal as a hunter is to help with conservation and maintain the balance in animal populations. Coyotes have become a huge problem in our area, and hunters help control that so the other animal populations can be sustainable.” She hopes to help preserve the rights listed in the Second Amendment while maintaining the sport as a family activity. “I am thrilled that our son and his wife go on hunting trips with us. Our granddaughters, ages 5 and 2, love their camo clothes, and the five-year-old has gone on her first dove hunt with her daddy! I encourage women to get their concealed weapons permits and practice often, so that they are skilled and comfortable with shooting. However, I think the best part of becoming a serious hunter is having something that my husband and I love to do together. He laughs that I prefer going to sporting stores than the mall, which is fine with him!”

For Maggie, there is nothing quite like getting into a blind in the dark of night and appreciating the beauty of the stillness around her. “For some, it may be completely crazy to get into hunting clothes and into a blind to be settled in before daylight to hunt; but, for me, it’s what I dream of.”