female wearing tactical leggingsMost of us have worn cargo pants at some time in our lives, and yes, they were and still are a version of trendy tactical clothing, providing lots of pockets for items you felt were essential to carry.

Styles have been driven by the military, law enforcement, and hunting, and throughout history, fashion has provided many trends inspired by tactical needs. I may be giving away my age, but I wore army fatigue pants with halter tops in college, and it was very “in” to shop at military supply stores for clothes. 

Today, tactical clothing is a fashion staple, with leggings leading the way as more and more women want options for everyday carry needs. I was asked to review We The People Holsters Defender Leggings, and I am thrilled with the brand, so I wanted to share this information with my readers. Female with a white german shepard

When I think of tactical leggings, I think about the importance of feeling confident when wearing them. The black and white branding gives you an immediate boost in self-assuredness. If you don’t feel confident wearing something, it will come across to those you encounter. Most would agree that looking “woman- strong” is an essential aspect of self-reliance. Let’s face it; there are threats that we all face in today’s world, and being prepared is one way to handle situations that may come your way. How you present yourself to others might be equally important as your preparedness. 

So ask yourself; what are your everyday carry (EDC) needs? EDC for most people may include a cell phone, keys, credit cards, pepper spray, knives, a tactical pen, and for some, a gun. If you plan to carry a handgun, you will love the belted style because you will have the optimum firearm carry setup when you’re wearing a belt and holster. These leggings have deep, strong, and durable side pockets for just about anything you need to carry for everyday wear. Tactical leggings

I chose a full-length legging that offered belt loops for several reasons. The belt loop option is essential to my body shape since other leggings I have tried always seemed to ride down on me. Therefore, having the option to wear a belt makes me feel even more secure with the snug fit a belt provides. These leggings are flattering to a woman’s body, and I don’t feel I need to wear a long top to cover up my butt. I am happy that these leggings are not just for young girls with perfect bodies.female wearing tactical leggings

I love the versatility of my Defender Tactical Leggings from We The People Holsters. Whether I am walking my grand dogs, shopping about town, at the range, or taking a run on the beach, they perform very well and feel great. Equally as important, I love the patriotic messaging with all the gear and apparel. Made in the USA means so much to me!

female hunting in cargo shorts

After seeing myself in those cargo shorts from years ago,  I think I will stay with the leggings!

If you would like to read the full review, please visit: Huntinggeardeals.com