1. realtree cushion

    3 inch RealTree Cushion

    Leave all your jewelry at home. Nothing shiny and nothing noisy.

  2. Minimize your make up especially mascara. Mascara makes your eyelashes too long to properly use the scope. I use unscented tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and eye liner just in case you end up in a photo.
  3. Deer have extremely good sense of smell. Eliminate as many odors from clothes and gear. There are tons of scent killers you can use including detergents and sprays for clothes and shoes.
  4. Check your stand for invaders such as wasps before you get comfortable.
  5. You will need a very thick cushion to sit on. I bought a RealTree  3 inch cushion from BassPro. This is very important because deer stands are made for men. Your torso is not as long as a man’s and you will not be at a good level to shoot. This particular cushion is very firm and will not lose its shape when you sit on it- it gets you at the perfect level to be able to shoot accurately.
  6. If you want maximum visibility, consider wearing a camo beanie instead of a ball cap.
  7. Wear gloves without fingers no matter how cold it is so you have the best feel on the trigger.
  8. Take a water bottle or drink that is not in one of those crackly containers that make a lot of noise.
  9. Take snacks that are easy to open and don’t make a lot of noise. I accidentally dropped my power bar which had gotten quite hard from the cold and the noise reverberated all over from the loud thump!
  10. Never go in or out of your tree stand with a loaded gun!  Make sure your gun has a sling so you can climb the stand easily or make sure that there is a rope tied to the blind for you to raise equipment.
  11. Know where everything is in your backpack.  Once you are settled in the stand and you have turned your flashlight off, it is pitch black.  You want to avoid turning on your flashlight during the important first hour before dawn.