dove hunting photo

Dove hunting is one of the best and easiest ways to start hunting. Typically your guy loves to hunt doves and you get the big invite. Dove hunting is a social event. Whether you are hunting on public lands or private clubs, women and children are welcome. It is great for us girls because it is one hunting event where you don’t need to stay perfectly quiet.   ­ You can talk freely and interact with your hunting buddies.  You do not have to stay still as you must with deer hunting.   Whether you want to shoot or just observe, dove hunting is a great way to get started.

Dove season in SC starts in early September and is usually extremely hot weather. Cool and comfortable is your goal in preparing for dove hunting.   It is very easy to get over­heated in a dove field as shade is not always available. You will need a ball cap and sunglasses.  I love my camo Costas Blackfin Real Tree but usually switch to shooting glasses when I am in the field as they provide some contrast.   Shorts, hunting boots ( I prefer snake boots), and a light shirt work great.  Camo is king, but also perfectly acceptable are light tan, khaki, or brown clothes. Light colors are always the best in hot weather. I have a very cool mesh long sleeve shirt that I wear over a camo tank top. I got it at Bass Pro Looks good and I stay pretty cool and the mesh keeps the mosquitos away.

One thing not to wear is jewelry­ Nothing shiny! Another no is white clothes.

One of my husband’s friends got an invite and he showed up in his orange blaze ( worn during deer hunting season so to alert other hunters that you are not a deer. That was a bit embarrassing, but he’s a deer hunter and never hunted doves.

Equally important, you need to wear sunscreen and bug repellent. One mistake I made last year was wearing a homemade bug repellent with essential oils and coconut oil which I liberally applied to my whole body. I could not figure out why I was getting overheated and then I remembered, my pores were blocked with all that oil. I nearly had a heat stroke.  Instead, you can make some bug spray using essential oils and spritz it on your clothes but in the long run, the real deal is the best. I recommend…..Deep Woods OFF to spray on my boots and clothes.  I spray my skin with essential oils of lemongrass, citronella, lavender.. combined with witch hazel. Also, a good option is dabbing some sugarless vanilla extract behind your ears, on your wrists, and behind your knees.  Mosquitoes don’t seem to like the smell. There are a ton of recipes you can make on Pinterest.

If you are cool and comfortable, you can concentrate on bringing some doves home for dinner.

My updated Best Tips Ever which include what to wear are now online!