hunting group camouflageYes,  let’s face it, there is nothing quite as appealing as a man in hunting clothes.  That was one of the first things that attracted me to my husband.  A true transition occurs when a guy goes from his office or work clothes to donning some cool camo.   It is like they’re boys again … dressed up to play cowboys and Indians, but now it is more than that. … It is grown up raw manly grit.   It is a true passion for these men and it is a stress buster as well as a way to put the weeks grind behind them.

For some,  it is an excuse to eat beef jerky, chew a little tobacco, smoke a good cigar or drink bourbon from a flask, and  get ready for a 3 day beard to make the most of this incredible  freedom they so look forward to.  I love to hear the stories they tell about past hunting adventures.    I have heard most of them before, but it never gets old.  Best of all, I have a few stories myself.  I love hanging with these guys!!!

I also love it that these guys seem to be incredible cooks.  After that successful hunt whether it be  venison, duck, quail, doves, or hog meat – watch the magic begin.  They have no pre conceived notion of how things go in a kitchen.  They fire up the grill and their imagination goes wild and you can be there to enjoy  all that talent.

Not all men are hunters, but men who know how to handle a gun are down right sexy.   Your man may not be a hunter, but being involved with some shooting sport and enjoying the outdoors  is also pretty cool.   Who knows, he may decide to take up hunting sometime and you can learn together.

For you girls who are looking for a great guy… Go where the boys are!