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Berkley White: Hunter, Builder, and Family Man!  His love for the outdoors and bird hunting is truly a family affair.

Berkley White has created a true hunting retreat, masterfully disguised as a detached garage! About 20 feet from the main house that he and his wife, Kim built 3 years ago, this amazing space functions not only as a quaint hunting “cabin” with a full bar, roasting grill, and sleeping facilities, but as a place where the Whites can take their passion for hunting to a level that is truly impressive.

Disguised as a detached garage… a true hunting retreat!

A builder with big ideas, Berkley dreamed of a place where he could take care of their beloved dogs, and to perfect the sport of hunting that he and his family love so dearly. Raising two sons, Will, 17 and Wade 13, respectively, Kim designed the floor plan for their main house and the “hunting retreat” with care and precision.  “I didn’t realize we were building his and hers homes when this all started,” Kim affectionately kids.

hunter with his prized dogs

Berkley with 3 of his 4 very special dogs

That is not a far-off description of this amazing space. A well-designed kennel for their four very special hunting dogs, Hunny, Lady, Bob, and Shot, was a key consideration in the planning. “For us, our dogs led the way to our design; they are so much a part of life and it is important for us to have them very well taken care of”. Berkley explained.

beautiful kennel facility for hunting dogs

Outdoor kennel

dog shower

The kennel provides both indoor and outdoor areas with plenty of space to run and is flanked with a nice dog shower since the dogs live in the house and they love to run and get dirty. Curling up next to the fireplace on cool winter nights after a long day in the field is where you are likely to find them.

stunning hunting cabin

You might call Berkley a wingman. His passion for hunting is clearly with birds, even though he and his sons also like to hunt deer. The hunting retreat features an inviting “trophy room” and includes a gun safe, office space, cozy sitting room, and welcoming bar and grill. Having a gun safe is high on Berkley’s list of priorities when it comes to hunting and gun safety is a big thing at their home.

beautiful hunting cabin

View from second story

wild turkey mount

Turkey mount – shiplap walls

His gorgeous mounts capture successful hunts including Mule Deer from Montana, Hungarian Partridge from Montana, Teal Duck from Arkansas, Pintail from Georgetown Ruffed Grouse from Wisconsin, Wood Duck from the Waccamaw River, and of course a couple of great turkeys from South Carolina.  The retreat perfectly depicts his love for hunting, and his inspiration for the design elements comes from his Southern roots and also some of his very exciting travels to faraway places such as Argentina and Scotland.

Hungarian Partridge mount

Hungarian Partridge.

reclaimed warehouse flooring used for ceiling in hunting cabin

Reclaimed warehouse flooring on ceiling is beautiful

The warm rustic touches are achieved with beautiful reclaimed warehouse flooring for the ceilings, classic shiplap walls, and of course, a fireplace! The classic sophisticated look is purposefully taken down a notch with the retreat’s charming tree trunk bar stools and nicely weathered leather chairs, making it a cozy and comfortable place to enjoy and entertain.  Preserving memories is an important aspect of designing hunting retreats, and these walls are filled with an amazing collection that chronicles great hunts and amazing travels and includes Berkley’s duck stamp collection as well.

Built in Asado grill in hunting cabin

Built in Asado grill

One of Berkley’s favorite elements is the asado grill. I learned that this word means “roast” in Spanish. It is an amazing grill that roasts food on an open flame. Berkley got his inspiration for this grill from one of his favorite trips to Argentina, where he shot quail, fly-fished, and bow hunted for Red stag. In Argentina, asado is a traditional way of preparing food and a favorite event. An asado usually consists of beef and sausages, which are cooked on a grill, or an open fire. We pretty much call it barbecuing here in the South, but this is not your ordinary barbecue by any means! This grill is built into the brick wall and fired up by logs below.

Perfect hunting cabin

A great place to relax and entertain

As if this perfectly wonderful space is not enough, there is also a second level with a workout room and a full bedroom and bath. What a perfect idea for those mornings where the 3 am alarm goes off so you can get to your duck hunt and not disturb others who would rather sleep in.

beautifully decorated hunting cabin

Another amazing memory Berkley shared with me was their trip to Scotland where he and Kim, along with several other couples, experienced high-volume wing shooting, which he described as some of the most challenging shooting he has ever done. With driven shooting, you are technically not hunting since the birds are driven toward you by beaters walking through the hills pushing the birds to fly at the shooters. Berkley described this shoot as extremely fast, with the Red Grouse flying in at 60 miles an hour aided with tailwinds from the steep hilltops. This is truly a hunt that goes back to bygone days, and you might just feel like you are a part of Downton Abbey! While they were there, they enjoyed all that the beautiful countryside had to offer and especially loved their stay at Naworth Castle dating back to the 1500s!

stocked pond

The stocked lake is a tranquil backdrop

I have had the pleasure of shooting clays with Berkley, and I can attest to the fact that he is a very skilled shooter. But you would never know that, as he is also a very humble person. His skills in shooting are much like his skills with home building—he strives for perfection! If you are looking to build a house or just a hunting room, and need help, Berkley White is definitely a builder with big ideas! His knowledge of hunting along with his experience as a builder makes the perfect combination for anyone looking to create a space perfect for their hunting needs.

Oh, by the way . . . there is also actually a two-car garage behind those garage doors as well!

Stunning custom home and backyard cabin

The White home and hunting Retreat

Berkley and his mother, Susan White, own and operate Classic Homes, and their reputation is one of craftsmanship and quality, which are unmistakable when touring this incredible property.