What have I been up to?  It has been the busiest fall and now it’s almost winter!

 I had a great trip home to Northeastern Pennsylvania, and I made the most of the trip by enjoying the outdoors on the family farm where I grew up.  Walks in the woods, a little rabbit hunting, canoeing on our lake, shooting clays and targets, and not catching fish to name a few.  But nothing was better than spending time with my family!  Mid-October is an incredible time to take in the beauty of the leaves and the clean mountain air!  

No matter where I am, enjoying the outdoors is incredibly important to me. I am so happy that I was raised to appreciate all that nature provides, and I am committed to helping preserve our hunting and shooting traditions for all the future generations to come.  

Now, it’s time to get that whitetail deer I have been after, better known as Mr. Big! We have until January 1st to hunt deer in South Carolina, so there is still an opportunity.  See y’all outdoors!