Almost all girls have that thing – that one thing that makes them feel a bit rebellious.  Some girls like tattoos. Some girls like to ride motorcycles. Others love to ride horses.  A lot of girls like to perfect their self defense skills.    For many, it is extreme sports like skydiving, competitive skiing, and rock climbing.   How about our brave military women!!!  The list goes on…  The point is that girls like to break the mold and do things that make them excited and confident.

For me, it is hunting.  When I was a young girl, every one called me  Annie Oakley.  I know,  not real original, but it fit me.  I really had a passion for anything to do with guns and hunting.  There is nothing like it to prove your independence.  Being able to hunt and harvest your own food is empowering.  Being respectful and grateful for all that nature provides us is amazing.  I hope that more girls will let me know about their hunting bad a** selves!