second vector reducedIt’s that time of year for many hunters; we get the case of the blues with hunting season months away from opening.   Many hunters find themselves in that funk of what to do to keep their favorite sport active and alive.

To keep my passion for hunting alive, I love to surf the great hunting posts on Facebook and it amazes me how many hunters share this passion.  It is easy to join hunting forums where you can keep the conversation going with hunters everywhere. For me, I love rocking my camo clothes as much as possible. Being a staff member of Prois has given me an opportunity to get the word out about this amazing line of women’s outdoor clothing and gear. After a year of wearing something camo (365 days!), I still like to  wear something such as a scarf, hair tie, etc every chance I get.  Check out these cute sandals I found at Francesca’s 

Here are some other ideas that can help:

  • Even if you don’t have acreage, set up deer cameras in your backyard and watch and learn about animals in their habitat.   It is a great family activity.
  • Play fun nature games with the kids –  I found a wonderful outdoor game at Bass Pro called CAMP that is great for ages 4- 68!
  • Set up some “critter” hunting.  Here in SC, hog hunting is year round as well as coyote. This will help the conservation of turkey, quail, and deer.
  • Help a friend repair and maintain deer stands.
  • Practice your turkey calls –  There are really great U-Tube videos to help perfect your calling skills.
  • Pull out some game meat from your freezer and explore wonderful recipes and give thanks for the harvest.  Share with friends. Be sure to wear your “camo apron”!
  • Learn a new skill – how about learning to use a tree climber? That might be ambitious for many of us, but there are so many new skills you can learn.
  • Take up a hobby… I have met several amazing hunters who carry on their outdoor passion throughout the year with beautiful handcrafted wood art, paintings, & writings.
  • Go to the range and fire that gun.
  • Shooting clays is always a great way to keep up your wing shooting skills.
  • Shop for great off season sales at sporting stores. Prois is having amazing summer sales on items you will wish you had when it comes to hunting season.  I love my new Prois Edition Jacket I just got on sale!
  • Organize your hunting clothes and gear.
  • Time to clean your guns?  Now is the time to make sure they are in great condition.

Do you have any suggestions for curing the “off season blues”?  Please share!  Thanks!!

Deer Stand Maintenance!