Whether you go to an indoor or outdoor range, this is a fantastic way to hone your shooting skills and stay in good practice year round.  My goal is to go to the shooting range at least once a month to practice with my Smith & Wesson 38 revolver.  It is imperative that you continue shooting long after you take your classes.  In the event you ever need to use your gun, you need to have that confidence that you have the skill to handle a situation that may arise.  If you don’t already have a gun, you can rent one there and there is always someone available should you need instructions or help.  If you go often you will begin to feel at home going on your own.

As far as keeping in practice with my shotguns and rifle,  there are some indoor facilities, but there is nothing like going to an outdoor range.  Shooting  clay targets will keep you ready for dove and duck season but like anything else, it takes commitment and planning.  It is great to have someone to go with and for most of us girls, it is not always easy to gather up girlfriends to go to a shooting range.  I am planning on getting much better at carving out that time and getting more girls to get interested in this rewarding sport.  Besides being a good over all idea, it is a great stress buster!  Bang!!!