hunting couple on an anniversary hunt

Anniversary hunt!

Being a hunting couple offers endless possibilities.  For us, it is a perfect way for us to celebrate our anniversary.   Each year, we return to one of our favorite hunting destinations, Deerfield Plantation.  Having a December anniversary could not be better.  I personally love cold weather and here in South Carolina,  you are never really sure what weather you will have in early December.  Well, it was just what I had hoped with morning temps in the 20’s and along with that, rain and wind.  For me, the elements bring a lot to the hunt and I come prepared with proper clothing thanks to Prois with their full line of women’s hunting apparel!  When we arrived, the cloudy overcast day offered a beautiful backdrop for a quick photoshoot. Our awesome guide, Patrick was the designated photographer and the gorgeous grounds where the 19th-century hunting lodge is located could not be more beautiful.   I loved the colorful leaves glistening with rain and the mist in the air as we strolled the pretty tree stand next to the cabin,  It was a great way to get prepared for a long afternoon sitting in our deer stands.
rustic woodshed  backdrop and   hunting couple

Our little cabin was warm and cozy and as we left all our cares at home, we sunk into big leather chairs and sipped hot cocoa. hunting cabinhappy hunting couple

Our backpacks were double-checked for everything we might need and the anticipation was high expecting the whitetails to be moving with the cold temps.

huntress enjoying the cabin before the huntWhen I am in my stand, I try so hard to be quiet and still while scanning constantly for any sign of movement.  Likewise, the deer are constantly on the lookout for movement and signs of trouble.  Does are always on guard putting their heads down to eat and jerking them up fast to see if anything changed or moved.  You know they are looking directly in your eyes as you lock a stare, afraid to blink as to give yourself away.  I feel like I am in a mannequin challenge as I struggle to maintain my perfectly still position.  The does eventually move on.  When I am not looking for deer,  I am looking at the beauty of the woods around me.  Here are some of the views from several stands I hunted while I was in camp.scenic woods when hunting

Winter woods are beautiful

Winter woods are beautiful!

The leaves of the underbrush are still holding onto some of their beautiful leaves and look bright against the grey bark of the bare trees.  It was so cold that steam rose up from the trees when the sun came up in the early morning hours making it look like the woods were smoking.  The resulting fog was mesmerizing and I felt like I was in an enchanted forest.  I also love winter hunting since the woods are more open since the leaves have mostly dropped.  This is a big advantage to be able to see deep into the woods for any movement.

We both were very grateful to have had a successful hunt.  hunter

Trippett harvested a good size sow and I was thrilled to shoot a  7 pt. 150 lb buck that appeared unexpectedly crossing the lane looking for does.  He stopped a second, looked my way and I could see he had a good spread.  He turned broadside and I could clearly see 4 points.  I took a split second shot since I knew he was moving and I made contact. huntress with buck

We had so many great memories on our “huntingmoon” weekend and one that was unexpected was a beautiful song written for us by our guide Patrick.  He sang and played guitar while we enjoyed the roaring fire in the lodge.   We toasted to another great year and enjoyed the hospitality by all the great staff and of course, the owners, Hugh and Donna Walters!  We said our goodbyes, but knew it would not be long until we returned!


Happy 34th Anniversary to us!!